F. W. Whitehouse 1926

Full reference
F. W. Whitehouse. 1926. The Cretaceous Ammonoidea of Eastern Australia. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 8(3):195-242 [A. Hendy/A. Hendy]
ID number:  28110
Created:  2008-09-08 11:35:42
Modified:  2008-09-08 13:35:42
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (75)
Aconeceras walshense, Aconeceratidae, Aconeceratinae, Aioloceras, Aioloceras jonesi, Aleteceras, Aleteceras axonoides, Aleteceras nautiloides, Aleteceras plectoides, Aleteceras tardicostatum, Aleteceratidae, Ammonites (Amaltheus) walshense, Ammonites flindersi, Ammonites fontinalis, Ammonites olene, Ammonites sutherlandi, Ancyloceras cordycepoides, Ancyloceras flindersi, Ancyloceras taylori, Appudiceras, Appudiceras cordycepoides, Appudiceras etheridgei, Australiceras, Australiceras gracile, Australiceras irregulare, Australiceras jacki, Australiceras lampros, Australiceras robustum, Australiceras transiente, Beudanticeras flindersi, Beudanticeras sutherlandi, Cleoniceras (Aioloceras), Cleoniceratidae, Cleoniceratinae, Crioceras arcticum, Crioceras australe, Crioceras axonoides, Crioceras gracile, Crioceras irregulare, Crioceras jackii, Crioceras lampros, Crioceras leptus, Crioceras nautiloides, Crioceras plectoides, Crioceratites nautiloides, Crioceratites plectoides, Desmoceras jonesi, Flindersites flindersi, Hamites laqueus, Labeceras, Labeceras compressum, Labeceras laqueus, Labeceras papulatum, Labeceras trifidum, Myloceras, Myloceras (Flindersites) flindersi, Myloceras davidi, Myloceras nautiloides, Myloceras orbiculus, Parahoplitoides, Prohysteroceras angolaense, Prohysteroceras richardsi, Puzosia longmani, Sanmartinoceras fontinale, Sanmartinoceras olene, Schloenbachia inflata angolaense, Simbirskitidae, Simbirskitinae, Toxoceratoides taylori, Tropaeum arcticum, Tropaeum australe, Tropaeum leptum, Tropaeum leptus, Tropaeum rarum, Tropaeum undatum