E. Hitchcock 1858

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E. Hitchcock. 1858. Ichnology of New England. A Report on the Sandstone of the Connecticut Valley, Especially its Fossil Footmarks, Made to the Government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts xii-214 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Carrano]
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Project name:  ETE
Publication type:  serial monograph
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (96)
Amblonyx, Amblonyx giganteus, Amblyonyx, Amblypus, Amblypus dextratus, Anchisauripus exertus, Anchisauripus exsertus, Anchisauripus tuberatus, Anomoepus major, Anomoepus minor, Antipus, Antipus bifidus, Antipus flexiloquus, Apatichnus, Apatichnus bellus, Apatichnus circumagens, Apatichnus minor, Apatichnus minus, Arachichnus, Arachichnus dehiscens, Batrachoides, Batrachoides antiquior, Batrachoides nidificans, Batrachopus bellus, Brontozoum exsertum, Brontozoum isodactylum, Brontozoum tuberatum, Brontozoum validum, Cheirotheroides, Cheirotheroides pilulatus, Chelonioides, Chelonioides incedens, Chelonoides, Chelonoides incedens, Corvipes, Corvipes lacertoideus, Cunichnoides, Cunichnoides marsupialoides, Cunichnoides marsupialoideus, Eubrontes exsertus, Eubrontes platypus, Eubrontes tuberatus, Exocampe, Exocampe arcta, Exocampe ornata, Fulicopus giganteus, Gigantitherium minus, Grallator, Grallator (Eubrontes) platypus, Helcura anguinea, Helcura caudata, Helcura surgens, Hoplichnus equus, Hoplichnus poledrus, Isocampe, Isocampe strata, Kayentapus minor, Koilosoma nidificans, Lagunculapes, Lagunculapes latens, Lagunculapes latus, Lagunculipes, Lagunculipes latus, Macropterna gracilipes, Macropterna vulgaris, Mormolucoides, Mormolucoides articulatus, Orthodactylus, Orthodactylus floriferus, Orthodactylus introvergens, Orthodactylus linearis, Palamopus clarki, Palamopus gracilipes, Platypterna digitigrada, Platypterna gracillima, Plectropterna angusta, Plectropterna gracilis, Plectropterna lineans, Ptilichnus, Ptilichnus anomalus, Ptilichnus hydrodromus, Ptilichnus pectinatus, Ptilichnus typographus, Selenichnus, Stenodactylus, Stenodactylus curvatus, Steropoides uncus, Sustenodactylus curvatus, Tarsodactylus, Tarsodactylus caudatus, Tarsoplectrus angustus, Triaenopus leptodactylus, Tridentipes, Tridentipes insignis, Tridentipes uncus, Typopus gracilis