E. O. Ulrich et al. 1942

Full reference
E. O. Ulrich, A. F. Foerste, A. K. Miller and W. M. Furnish. 1942. Ozarkian and Canadian cephalopods, Part I: Nautilicones. Geological Society of America Special Papers 37:1-157 [B. Kröger/B. Kröger/B. Kröger]
ID number:  30180
Created:  2009-07-02 15:30:56
Modified:  2010-11-26 19:18:49
Publication type:  serial monograph
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (67)
Aphetoceras evolutum, Aphetoceras farnsworthi, Aphetoceras oderi, Aphetoceras ruedemanni, Aphetoceras subcostulatum, Arkoceras, Arkoceras exiguum, Campbelloceras brevicameratum, Campbelloceras hyatti, Campbelloceras mcgerriglei, Centrotarphyceras apheusi, Centrotarphyceras bidgei, Centrotarphyceras billingsi, Centrotarphyceras imperator, Centrotarphyceras macdonaldi, Centrotarphyceras powersi, Centrotarphyceras subundosum, Centrotarphyceras yellvillense, Clytoceras capax, Curtoceras, Curtoceras billingsi, Curtoceras internastriatum, Curtoceras minganense, Cyclolituites americanus, Cycloplectoceras funatum, Cycloplectoceras miseri, Deltoceras capax, Deltoceratidae, Eurystomites avensis, Eurystomites bolarensis, Eurystomites ferox, Jasperoceras, Jasperoceras costatum, Litoceras versutum, Litoceras whiteavsi, Lituites apollo, Lituites complanata, Lituites farnsworthi, Lituites imperator, Lituites palinurus, Nautilus ferox, Nautilus versutus, Pionoceras pomponium, Pionoceras smithvillense, Pionoceras swartzi, Pionoceras vokesi, Pycnoceras clausum, Pycnoceras rotundatum, Schroederoceras cassinense, Schroederoceras minganense, Shumardoceras complanatum, Shumardoceras fragile, Shumardoceras taneyense, Tarphyceras apollo, Tarphyceras chadwickense, Tarphyceras palinurus, Trocholites ammonius, Trocholitoceras bevani, Trocholitoceras juvenicostatum, Trocholitoceras latum, Trocholitoceras philipsburgense, Wichitoceras, Wichitoceras chadwickense, Wichitoceras compressum, Wichitoceras crassum, Wichitoceras decipiens, Wichitoceras naylorense