C. B. Schultz and C. H. Falkenbach 1968

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C. B. Schultz and C. H. Falkenbach. 1968. The Phylogeny of the Oreodonts. Part 1: Merycoidodontinae, Eporeodontinae, and Leptaucheniinae, Three Subfamilies Of Oreodonts, With an Appendix to the Revision Of The Merycoidodontidae, and Part 2. Summary and Conclusions Concerning the Merycoidodontidae. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 139:1-498 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/J. Marcot]
ID number:  3069
Created:  2001-03-02 15:01:33
Modified:  2014-06-09 11:23:05
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (65)
Cyclopidius lullianus, Dayohyus, Dayohyus wortmani, Desmatochoerus anthyonyi, Epigenetochoerus, Eporeodon davisi, Eporeodon meagherensis, Eporeodontinae, Eucrotaphus galushai, Genetochoerus, Genetochoerus (Osbornohyus), Genetochoerus (Osbornohyus) geygani, Genetochoerus (Osbornohyus) norbeckensis, Genetochoerus chamberlaini, Hadroleptauchenia, Hadroleptauchenia eiselyi, Hadroleptauchenia extrema, Hadroleptauchenia primitiva, Hadroleptauchenia shanafeltae, Leptauchenia eiselyi, Leptauchenia harveyi, Leptauchenia margeryae, Leptauchenia martini, Leptauchenia nitida, Leptauchenia orellaensis, Leptauchenia parasimus, Megabathygenys, Megabathygenys goorisi, Megasespia, Megasespia middleswarti, Merycoidodon (Anomerycoidodon), Merycoidodon (Anomerycoidodon) dani, Merycoidodon (Blickohyus), Merycoidodon (Blickohyus) galushai, Merycoidodon forsythae, Merycoidodon lambi, Merycoidodon lynchi, Miniochoerus forsythae, Otionohyus, Otionohyus (Otarohyus), Otionohyus alexi, Otionohyus vanderpooli, Otionohyus wardi, Parabathygenys, Parabathygenys paralpha, Paramerycoidodon, Paramerycoidodon (Barbourochoerus), Paramerycoidodon (Barbourochoerus) bacai, Paramerycoidodon georgei, Paramerycoidodon meagherensis, Paramerycoidodon wanlessi, Pithecistes altageringensis, Pithecistes copei, Pithecistes mariae, Pithecistes tanneri, Pseudocyclopidius, Pseudocyclopidius frankforteri, Pseudocyclopidius lullianus, Pseudocyclopidius orellaensis, Pseudogenetochoerus, Pseudogenetochoerus covensis, Sespia, Sespia marianae, Sespia nitida, Sespia ultima
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