L. Dawson and T. Flannery 1985

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L. Dawson and T. Flannery. 1985. Taxonomic and phylogenetic status of living and fossil kangaroos and wallabies of the genus Macropus Shaw (Macropodidae: Marsupialia), with a new subgeneric name for the larger wallabies. Australian Journal of Zoology 33(4):473-498 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy]
ID number:  31888
Created:  2010-02-01 14:13:55
Modified:  2010-02-01 16:13:55
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (76)
Dendrodorcopsis, Halmaturus agilis, Halmaturus dorsalis, Halmaturus dryas, Halmaturus indra, Halmaturus irma, Halmaturus odin, Halmaturus siva, Halmaturus thor, Halmaturus vinceus, Halmaturus vishnu, Kangurus, Kangurus eugenii, Kangurus fuliginosus, Kangurus rufogriseus, Kangurus rufus, Leptosaigon, Macropus (Halmaturus) greyi, Macropus (Halmaturus) parma, Macropus (Halmaturus) wombeyensis, Macropus (Leptosaigon), Macropus (Leptosaigon) gracilis, Macropus (Macropus), Macropus (Macropus) fuliginosus, Macropus (Macropus) giganteus, Macropus (Macropus) mundjabus, Macropus (Macropus) pan, Macropus (Macropus) rama, Macropus (Notamacropus), Macropus (Notamacropus) agilis, Macropus (Notamacropus) agilis siva, Macropus (Notamacropus) dorsalis, Macropus (Notamacropus) eugenii, Macropus (Notamacropus) greyi, Macropus (Notamacropus) irma, Macropus (Notamacropus) parma, Macropus (Notamacropus) parryi, Macropus (Notamacropus) rufogriseus, Macropus (Notamacropus) thor, Macropus (Notamacropus) wombeyensis, Macropus (Osphranter) antilopinus, Macropus (Osphranter) bernardus, Macropus (Osphranter) pavana, Macropus (Osphranter) robustus, Macropus (Osphranter) robustus altus, Macropus (Osphranter) rufus, Macropus (Osphranter) woodsi, Macropus (Petrogale) robustus, Macropus (Prionotemnus), Macropus (Prionotemnus) narada, Macropus affinis, Macropus atlas, Macropus bernardus, Macropus birdsellii, Macropus dryas, Macropus elegans, Macropus faunus, Macropus giganteus, Macropus magister, Macropus mundjabus, Macropus narada, Macropus pan, Macropus parryi, Macropus piltonensis, Macropus rama, Macropus titan, Macropus woodsi, Megaleia, Osphranter antilopinus, Osphranter cooperi, Osphranter gouldi, Osphranter stirtoni, Phascolagus, Phascolagus altus, Prionotemnus palankarinnicus, Sthenurus atlas
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