M. Moser 2003

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M. Moser. 2003. Plateosaurus engelhardti Meyer, 1837 (Dinosauria: Sauropodomorpha) aus dem Feuerletten (Mittelkeuper; Obertrias) von Bayern. Zitteliana B 24:1-188 [R. Butler/R. Butler/R. Butler]
ID number:  33788
Created:  2010-08-30 05:17:39
Modified:  2010-08-31 09:17:48
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  German
Comments: Note: Moser (2003:152-157) provides a summary of plateosaurid localities in Bavaria. Only those localities that have reasonable stratigraphic control were added to the database
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'Plateosaurus engelhardti belongs to Plateosaurus' according to M. Moser 2003
'Plateosaurus belongs to Plateosauridae' according to M. Moser 2003