G. R. Xu and G. C. Liu 1983

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G. R. Xu and G. C. Liu. 1983. Systematic Description: Brachiopods. In Z. Y. Yang, H. F. Yin, G. R. Xu, S. B. Wu, Y. L. He, G. C. Liu, J. R. Yin (eds.), Triassic of the southern Qilian Mountains 84-128 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham]
ID number:  34534
Created:  2010-12-16 03:44:40
Modified:  2010-12-15 10:44:40
Publication type:  book/book chapter
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  Chinese
Taxonomic names (79)
Aequspiriferina extraruga, Aequspiriferina multiplicata, Aequspiriferina obscura, Altoplicatella, Altoplicatella altiarea, Antezeilleria, Antezeilleria subrotata, Antiptychina pentagona, Antiptychina robusta, Athyrorhynchia, Athyrorhynchia athyroformis, Aulacothyris opima, Compositella, Compositella concentrica, Compositella planosulcata, Compositella striata, Compositella tenuistriata, Costirhynchopsis pavoplicata, Costirhynchopsis rhomba, Costirhynchopsis tienchungensis, Eoantiptychia, Eoantiptychia pentagona, Hirsutella extraruga, Lepismatina qilianensis, Lepismatina sinucosta, Lepismatinidae, Lindstroemella gangcaensis, Lissorhynchia minuta, Norella opima, Nudirostralina lissosinus, Orbiculoidea qieermaensis, Orbiculoidea yangkangensis, Parantiptychia, Parantiptychia biangulatoplicata, Parantiptychia elongata, Parantiptychia minima, Parantiptychia nanqilianensis, Parantiptychia robusta, Parantiptychia sulcata, Parasulcatinella, Parasulcatinella obesus, Proanadyrella, Proanadyrella circularia, Proanadyrella delinghaensis, Proanadyrella hongshanensis, Proanadyrella ovata, Pseudospiriferina biplicata, Pseudospiriferina lipoldiformis, Pseudospiriferina pauciplicata, Pseudospiriferina tsinghaiensis, Qilianoconcha opima, Qingthyris, Qingthyris variabilis, Qispiriferina, Qispiriferina subrotunda, Septaliphoria breviplicata, Septaliphoria rhomba, Septaliphoria tienchungensis, Sinucostella, Sinucostella obscura, Spiriferina lipoldiformis, Spiriferina pauciplicata, Spiriferina tsinghaiensis, Spirigerellina concentrica, Sulcatinella opima, Sulcatinella ovata, Thyratryaria, Thyratryaria depressa, Thyratryaria pertumida, Thyratryaria pinguis, Triasorhynchia, Triasorhynchia subglobulina, Triasorhynchiidae, Yalongia, Yalongia angulocostata, Yangkongia, Yangkongia planofolda, Yangkongia qieermaensis, Yangkongia zhihemaensis