E. D. Cope 1882

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E. D. Cope. 1882. Contributions to the history of the Vertebrata of the lower Eocene of Wyoming and New Mexico, made during 1881. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 20(111):139-197 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Carrano]
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Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Comments: Dec. 16 1881 date, printed 20 February 1882
Taxonomic names (76)
Anacodon, Anacodon ursidens, Arctodontomys nuptus, Bunophorus etsagicus, Bunophorus macropternus, Cardiolophus semihians, Champsosaurus puercensis, Champsosaurus saponensis, Copecion brachypternus, Coryphodon anax, Coryphodon cinctus, Coryphodon curvicristis, Coryphodon marginatus, Coryphodon repandus, Coryphodon subquadratus, Coryphodon testis, Cynodontomys, Cynodontomys latidens, Cynodontomys nuptus, Diacodexis laticuneus, Diacodexis metsiacus, Diacodexis nuptus, Didymictis curtidens, Didymictis massetericus, Ectacodon, Ectacodon cinctus, Ectocion osbornianum, Ectocion osbornianus, Eoconodon heilprinianus, Eohippus etsagicus, Eohyus etsagicus, Helohyus etsagicus, Heptodon posticus, Homogalax semihians, Huerfanodon heilprinianus, Hyopsodus laticuneus, Hyopsodus lemoinianus, Hyracotherium etsagicus, Manteodon, Manteodon subquadratus, Mesonyx ossifragus, Metalophodon testis, Microsyops latidens, Mioclaenus antiquus, Mioclaenus brachystomus, Mioclaenus etsagicus, Mioclaenus heilprinianus, Oligotomus osbornianus, Pachynolophus posticus, Pantolestes brachystomus, Pantolestes etsagicus, Pantolestes metsiacus, Pantolestes nuptus, Phenacodus apternus, Phenacodus brachypternus, Phenacodus hemiconus, Phenacodus laticuneus, Phenacodus macropternus, Psittacotherium aspasiae, Sarcothraustes, Sarcothraustes antiquus, Sinopa whitiae, Stypolophus whiteae, Stypolophus whitiae, Systemodon etsagicus, Systemodon semihians, Trigonolestes brachystomus, Trigonolestes etsagicus, Trigonolestes metsiacus, Trigonolestes nuptus, Triisodon antiquus, Triisodon heilprinianus, Tritemnodon whitiae, Uintacyon massetericus, Viverravus curtidens, Viverravus massetericus
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