W. H. Fritz 1992

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W. H. Fritz. 1992. Walcott's Lower Cambrian Olenellid trilobite collection 61k, Mount Robson Area, Canadian Rocky Mountains. Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin 432 (432)1-66 [M. Patzkowsky/P. Borkow/P. Borkow]
ID number:  4031
Created:  2001-06-28 12:21:59
Modified:  2001-06-28 14:21:59
Publication type:  serial monograph
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
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'Wanneria mexicana is recombined as Laudonia mexicana' according to W. H. Fritz 1992
'Wanneria occidens is recombined as Mummaspis occidens' according to W. H. Fritz 1992