O. F. Getman and A. V. Dzhenchuraeva 2007

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O. F. Getman and A. V. Dzhenchuraeva. 2007. Systematic paleontology, in Stratigraphy and foraminifers from the uppermost Carboniferous (Kasimovian-Gzhelian) of the Jamantoo and Baibichetoo ranges (middle Tien-Shan, Kyrgyzstan). Journal of Foraminiferal Research 37:46-68 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham]
ID number:  42117
Created:  2012-06-23 06:52:12
Modified:  2012-06-22 15:52:12
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (79)
Anderssonites excessa, Daixina (Daixina) aquilonae, Daixina (Daixina) baituganensis, Daixina (Daixina) enormis, Daixina (Daixina) kodzhagulica, Daixina (Daixina) porrecta, Daixina (Daixina) tormosensis, Daixina (Daixina) vasilkovskyi, Daixina aquilonae, Daixina enormis, Daixina grandiformis, Daixina tormosensis, Daixina vasilkovskyi, Dunbarinella narjanmarica, Dunbarinella paragregaria, Dutkevitchia ilinskensis, Dutkevitchia miniouensis, Eoparafusulina olgae, Eoparafusulina praeferganensis, Jigulites corpulentus, Jigulites intermedius, Jigulites longus, Kahlerella, Kahlerella alpina, Occidentoschwagerina ancestralis, Occidentoschwagerina kosvaensis, Pseudodaixinoides, Pseudodaixinoides admirandus, Pseudodaixinoides ancestralis, Pseudodaixinoides cucumeriformis, Pseudodaixinoides cylindricus, Pseudodaixinoides grandiformis, Pseudodaixinoides kalcagaricus, Pseudodaixinoides kosvaensis, Pseudodaixinoides procera, Pseudodaixinoides quasiplanus, Pseudofusulina baituganensis, Pseudofusulina excessa, Pseudofusulina modesta, Pseudofusulina narjanmarica, Pseudofusulina olgae, Pseudofusulina paragregaria, Pseudofusulina porrecta, Pseudofusulina procera, Pseudofusulinoides akbeiticus, Quasifusulina akbeitica, Quasifusulina kodzhagulica, Quasifusulina ptchanica, Rugosofusulina cylindrica, Rugosofusulina procera, Rugosofusulinidae, Ruzhenzevites praeferganensis, Schagonella, Schagonella amplissima, Schagonella cylindrica, Schagonella procera, Schellwienia modesta, Schellwienia porrecta, Schwageriniformis anosovae, Schwageriniformis arpaensis, Schwageriniformis magnificus, Schwageriniformis mundulus, Schwageriniformis ortashensis, Triticites (Jigulites), Triticites (Jigulites) intermedius, Triticites (Jigulites) longus, Triticites arpaensis, Triticites convexus, Triticites fusinus, Triticites kodzhaugulicus, Triticites nitidus, Triticites oblisus, Triticites ortashensis, Triticites polinae, Triticites procerulus, Triticites proprius, Triticites turkestanensis, Triticites umbus, Triticites wellsi
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