A. B. Doweld 2001

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A. B. Doweld. 2001. Prosyllabus Tracheophytorum. Tentamen Systematis Plantarum Vascularium. [A. Doweld/A. Doweld/M. Uhen]
ID number:  45836
Created:  2013-03-21 18:53:42
Modified:  2018-10-30 16:47:56
Publication type:  book
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Comments: The book contains an outline of the phylogenetic system of Vascular plants (Tracheophyta) in the form of Syllabus of all validly published from 1753 family, (super-, sub-) ordinal, (sub)class, and (sub)phylum names, including for the first time revised and summarized fossil suprageneric names. The Prosyllabus covers all vascular plants, including fossil, for the period of cca. 420 mln years (Upper Silurian-Extant). The Prosyllabus Tracheophytorum is published in the anticipation of the issuance in 2003 of New Syllabus of Plant Families (A Plant World System) [in English], which has been initiated by German botanist Adolf Engler in 1892 (as Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien) and served as a main source of systematic botany for the nearly half of XX century.22 phyla of vascular plants (including extinct forms) contain 2857 validly published names of families, orders, superorders, (sub-)classes as on December, 2001. Descriptive, illegitimate and invalidly published suprageneric names were omitted. An accepted system summarized molecular phylogenetics, carpology and seed anatomy in particular, for the system of flowering plants, ferns, club-mosses, conifers, cycads and fossil vascular plants.A revised detailed system of Eukaryota is also added with 481 analogous suprageneric names: the Eukaryota is considered as a domain (empire) of organisms, splitted into two subdomains, Chlorota (plant-like organisms aggregated into 5 kingdoms, Euglenobiota, Peridiniobiota, Bacillariobiota, Rhodymeniobiota, Chlorobiota) and Zoota (animals and fungi in 6 kingdoms, viz. Amoebobiota, Mucorobiota, Trichoplacobiota, Spongiobiota, Hydrobiota, Zoobiota). 504 new suprageneric names (from family to botanical kingdoms) are validated according to provisions of both International Codes of Botanical and Zoological Nomenclature; Protozoa were abandoned as polyphyletic taxon and replaced with numerous new phyla, subregnums and regnums. A comprehensive bibliography (671 entries) covers all papers and books in which where validly published all summarized suprageneric names for the period of cca. 250 years (since 1753). For botanists, zoologists, palaeontologists (palaeobotanists), protistologists, molecular biologists, all interested in botanical and zoological nomenclature and phylogenetic systematics.
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