A. A. M. Eisawi et al. 2012

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A. A. M. Eisawi, A. B. Ibrahim, O. B. A. Rahim and E. Schrank. 2012. Palynozonation of the Cretaceous to Lower Paleogene Strata of the Muglad Basin, Sudan. Palynology 36(2):191-207 [C. Jaramillo/G. Doria/A. Cardenas ]
ID number:  46944
Created:  2013-05-28 03:48:29
Modified:  2013-09-13 14:03:21
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic opinions (20) - view classification
'Aequitriradites acusus belongs to Aequitriradites' according to Blackhouse 1978
'Araucariacites hungaricus belongs to Araucariacites' according to Deak 1964
'Cicatricosisporites mohrioides belongs to Cicatricosisporites' according to Delcourt and Sprumont 1955
'Cicatricosisporites salardii belongs to Cicatricosisporites' according to Dejax 1985
'Deltoidospora diaphana belongs to Deltoidospora' according to Wilson and Webster 1946
'Echidiporites barbeitoensis belongs to Echidiporites' according to Muller et al. 1987
'Echidiporites belongs to Arecaceae' according to Jaramillo et al. 2010
'Echitriporites irregularis belongs to Echitriporites' according to Muller 1968
'Echitriporites belongs to Proteaceae' according to Germeraad et al. 1968
'Ephedripites strigatus belongs to Ephedripites' according to Brenner 1968
'Holmwoodinium notatum belongs to Holmwoodinium' according to Batten 1985
'Holmwoodinium belongs to Peridiniaceae' according to Batten 1985
'Mauritiidites crassibaculatus belongs to Mauritiidites' according to Hoeken-Klinkenberg 1964
'Mauritiidites belongs to Arecaceae' according to Friis et al. 2011
'Periretisyncolpites giganteus belongs to Periretisyncolpites' according to Kieser 1979
'Periretisyncolpites belongs to Illiciaceae' according to Kieser and Du Chene 1979
'Proteacidites sigalii belongs to Proteacidites' according to Boltenhagen 1978
'Sphaeripollenites scabratus belongs to Sphaeripollenites' according to Couper 1958
'Staplinisporites belongs to Bryophyta' according to Puebla et al. 2012
'Syncolporites marginatus belongs to Syncolporites' according to Hoeken-Klinkenberg 1964