F. M. Hull 1945

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F. M. Hull. 1945. A revisional study of the fossil Syrphidae. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 95:251-355 [C. Labandeira/C. Labandeira/M. Clapham]
ID number:  5083
Created:  2002-03-04 16:40:45
Modified:  2013-03-15 20:34:04
Project name:  ETE 795
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Comments: ETE reference number 795
Taxonomic names (77)
Archalia, Archalia femorata, Arctolepta, Arctolepta calamitans, Cacogaster, Cacogaster novamaculata, Cacogaster novamaculatus, Cheilosia bruesi, Cheilosia germanica, Cheilosia hecate, Cheilosia nigrachaeta, Cheilosia pratjei, Cheilosialepta, Cheilosialepta baltica, Cheilosinae, Chrysogaster antiquaria, Chrysogaster antiquarius, Criorhina, Doliomyia, Doliomyia chalybea, Eoxylota, Eumerinae, Leucozona, Leucozona nigra, Liomyodia chalybea, Megaxylota, Megaxylota magnifemur, Microdontinae, Myiolepta (Arctolepta), Myiolepta (Arctolepta) calamitans, Myiolepta (Sericolepta), Myiolepta (Sericolepta) maculata, Myiolepta andreei, Myiolepta germanica, Myiolepta valida, Myiolepta woteni, Myolepta (Arctolepta), Myolepta (Arctolepta) calamitans, Myolepta (Sericolepta), Myolepta (Sericolepta) maculata, Myolepta andreei, Myolepta germanica, Myolepta valida, Myolepta woteni, Palaeoascia atrata, Palaeoascia nigra, Palaeoeristalis, Palaeoeristalis tesselatus, Palaeosphegina baccha, Palaeosphegina fumosa, Palaeosphegina pilosa, Pipiza (Pseudopipiza), Pipiza (Pseudopipiza) antiqua, Pipiza (Pseudopipiza) europa, Pipiza melanderi, Praeptilocephala volucelloides, Protochrysotoxum, Protochrysotoxum sphinx, Protorhingia, Protorhingia carpenteri, Protorhingia magnipennis, Pseudosphegina, Pseudosphegina dichoptica, Pseudosphegina withersi, Ptilocephala, Ptilocephala volucelloides, Rhingia zephyrea, Sericolepta, Sericolepta maculata, Sphegina obscura, Syrphus carpenteri, Syrphus platychiralis, Tubifera, Xylota, Xylotinae, Xylotosyrphus, Xylotosyrphus pulchrafenestra
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