S. S. Buckman 1917

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S. S. Buckman. 1917. The Brachiopoda of the Namyau Beds, Northern Shan States, Burma. Palaeontologia Indica 3(2):1-254 [M. Clapham/M. Manojlovic/M. Manojlovic]
ID number:  52872
Created:  2014-09-22 13:42:35
Modified:  2014-09-22 19:20:21
Publication type:  serial monograph
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Comments: Incorrectly cited by multiple authors as Buckman 1918. The monograph was completed in 1917, but not published until 1918 due to a (wartime?) paper shortage in India. Genera first named by Buckman in the preliminary 1914/1915 papers suppressed (and placed in the invalid/rejected works list) by Opinion 957 from the Bulletin on Zoological Nomenclature have been instead assigned to this reference.
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Acanthorhynchia panacanthina
Acanthothiris globosa
Acanthothiris spinosa
Avonothyris bella
Avonothyris bradfordensis
Avonothyris corpulenta
Avonothyris corrugata
Avonothyris depressa
Avonothyris nannodes
Avonothyris obovalis
Avonothyris plicatina
Avonothyris sulcifera
Avonothyris trigonata
Burmirhynchia asiatica
Burmirhynchia bawgyoensis
Burmirhynchia calculosa
Burmirhynchia concinnoides
Burmirhynchia costata
Burmirhynchia dattai
Burmirhynchia depressa
Burmirhynchia dromio
Burmirhynchia elegans
Burmirhynchia fluminalis
Burmirhynchia gibba
Burmirhynchia globulus
Burmirhynchia glomerosa
Burmirhynchia gutta
Burmirhynchia guttula
Burmirhynchia hopkinsi
Burmirhynchia hpalaiensis
Burmirhynchia hsenwiensis
Burmirhynchia hsipawensis
Burmirhynchia inaequalis
Burmirhynchia injusta
Burmirhynchia irregularis
Burmirhynchia lenglawngensis
Burmirhynchia longa
Burmirhynchia nahsaiensis
Burmirhynchia nammaensis
Burmirhynchia namtuensis
Burmirhynchia namyauensis
Burmirhynchia obesa
Burmirhynchia occidentalis
Burmirhynchia orientalis
Burmirhynchia ornithea
Burmirhynchia ovalis
Burmirhynchia oxoniensis
Burmirhynchia pangwolengensis
Burmirhynchia parva
Burmirhynchia patula
Burmirhynchia pilgrimi
Burmirhynchia pinguis
Burmirhynchia polystema
Burmirhynchia pyriformis
Burmirhynchia regularis
Burmirhynchia restituta
Burmirhynchia rotunda
Burmirhynchia seengensis
Burmirhynchia senilis
Burmirhynchia shanensis
Burmirhynchia subcostata
Burmirhynchia subglobosa
Burmirhynchia subovalis
Burmirhynchia subtrigonalis
Burmirhynchia touchei
Burmirhynchia transversalis
Burmirhynchia tumida
Burmirhynchia turgida
Burmirhynchia vagans
Calcirhynchia calcaria
Cererithyris intermedia
Cererithyris pentagonalis
Charltonithyris uptoni
Charltonithyris wilsoni
Cheniothyris angusta
Cheniothyris morierei
Costirhynchia costigera
Cryptorhynchia avonensis
Cryptorhynchia bradfordensis
Cryptorhynchia pulcherrima
Cryptorhynchia rugosa
Cryptorhynchia vaughani
Cuneirhynchia dalmasi
Curtirhynchia extensa
Curtirhynchia oolitica
Cyclothyris latissima
Cyclothyris vespertilio
Cymatorhynchia cymatophorina
Cymatorhynchia humilis
Dictyothyris coarctata
Dictyothyris laneolata
Euidothyris extensa
Euidothyris holcophora
Flabellirhynchia alba
Flabellirhynchia delicata
Flabellirhynchia lycetti
Furcirhynchia furcata
Globirhynchia subobsoleta
Gnathorhynchia liostraca
Goniorhynchia contracta
Goniorhynchia goniae
Goniothyris gravida
Granulirhynchia granulata
Heimia burtonensis
Heimia lowensis
Heimia planiconvexa
Heimia protracta
Holcothyris acuminata
Holcothyris angulata
Holcothyris angusta
Holcothyris concava
Holcothyris curvata
Holcothyris delta
Holcothyris dubia
Holcothyris elliptica
Holcothyris excavata
Holcothyris expansa
Holcothyris flexa
Holcothyris macra
Holcothyris obscura
Holcothyris pinguis
Holcothyris plecta
Holcothyris rostrata
Holcothyris subangulata
Holcothyris subovalis
Holcothyris sulcata
Holcothyris transversalis
Holcothyris trigonalis
Holcothyris undulata
Homoeorhynchia acuta
Kallirhynchia amoena
Kallirhynchia anglica
Kallirhynchia bella
Kallirhynchia communalis
Kallirhynchia concinna
Kallirhynchia constricta
Kallirhynchia decora
Kallirhynchia deliciosa
Kallirhynchia distendens
Kallirhynchia elegantissima
Kallirhynchia exalta
Kallirhynchia expansa
Kallirhynchia fornix
Kallirhynchia globularis
Kallirhynchia indentata
Kallirhynchia indica
Kallirhynchia lauta
Kallirhynchia nudata
Kallirhynchia obtusa
Kallirhynchia orbis
Kallirhynchia pagana
Kallirhynchia superba
Kallirhynchia versabilis
Kallirhynchia yaxleyensis
Kutchirhynchia formosa
Kutchirhynchia idonea
Kutchirhynchia kutchensis
Kutchithyris acutiplicata
Kutchithyris aurata
Kutchithyris egregia
Kutchithyris fulva
Kutchithyris propinqua
Linguithyris bifida
Linguithyris umbonata
Loboidothyris perovalis
Lobothyris punctata
Lophrothyris contracta
Lophrothyris euryptycha
Lophrothyris lophus
Lophrothyris wistleyensis
Maxillirhynchia implicata
Maxillirhynchia jucunda
Nannirhynchia milvina
Nannirhynchia subpygmoea
Ornithella digonoides
Parvirhynchia parvula
Parvirhynchia pellucida
Piarorhynchia radstockiensis
Plectoidothyris polyplecta
Plectothyris fimbria
Prionorhynchia serrata
Pseudoglossothyris curvifrons
Pseudoglossothyris nana
Ptychtothyris stephani
Quadratirhynchia sphaeroidalis
Rectirhynchia curvata
Rectirhynchia ellipsoides
Rectirhynchia lopensis
Rhactorhynchia argillacea
Rhactorhynchia brevis
Rhactorhynchia coriniensis
Rhactorhynchia diducta
Rhactorhynchia diffusa
Rhactorhynchia foecunda
Rhactorhynchia impar
Rhactorhynchia rhacta
Rhactorhynchia rostrata
Rhactorhynchia tumefacta
Rhactorhynchia turgidula
Rhynchonella loxia
Rhynchonella pentaptycha
Rhynchonelloidea ruthenensis
Rhynchonelloidella curvivarians
Rimirhynchia elevata
Rimirhynchia tardata
Rudirhynchia rudis
Russirhynchia fischeri
Sphaeroidothyris globisphaeroidalis
Sphenorhynchia asymmetrica
Sphenorhynchia aviformis
Sphenorhynchia plicatella
Sphenorhynchia plicatelloides
Sphenorhynchia subplicata
Sphenorhynchia tatiensis
Squamirhynchia squamiplex
Stolmorhynchia arolica
Stolmorhynchia bothenhamptonensis
Stolmorhynchia nobilis
Stolmorhynchia sulcata
Striirhynchia dorsetensis
Stroudithyris pisolithica
Tegulithyris bentleyi
Terebratula etheridgii
Tetrarhynchia tetraedra
Trichorhynchia dichotoma
Tropiorhynchia thalia
Tubithyris wrighti
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