E. D. Cope 1873

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E. D. Cope. 1873. Synopsis of new Vertebrata from the Tertiary of Colorado obtained during the summer of 1873. In F. V. Hayden (ed.), Seventh Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey of the Territories (extract) [M. Carrano/M. Carrano]
ID number:  53199
Created:  2014-10-23 16:25:46
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Comments: 16 October 1873
Taxonomic names (94)
Aciprion, Aciprion formosum, Altasciurus relictus, Aphelophis, Aphelophis talpivorus, Brontotherium bucco, Bunaelurus, Bunaelurus lagophagus, Calamagras, Calamagras angulatus, Calamagras murivorus, Calamagras talpivorus, Calamagras truxalis, Canis hartshornianus, Canis lippincottianus, Canis osorum, Centetodon marginalis, Copedelphys stevensoni, Cremastosaurus, Cremastosaurus carinicollis, Cremastosaurus unipedalis, Cynodictis lippincottianus, Daphoenus hartshornianus, Diacium, Diacium quinquepedalis, Diacium unipedalis, Didelphis alternans, Didelphis huntii, Didelphis marginalis, Didelphis scalare, Didelphis scalaris, Didelphis tricuspis, Didelphys marginalis, Domnina crassigenis, Domnina gracilis, Drepanodon oreodontis, Embassis, Embassis alternans, Embassis marginalis, Exostinus, Exostinus serratus, Galecynus lippincottianus, Geolabis marginalis, Heliscomys, Heliscomys vetus, Herpetotherium huntii, Herpetotherium marginale, Herpetotherium scalare, Herpetotherium stevensonii, Herpetotherium tricuspis, Hoplophoneus oreodontis, Hypisodus, Hypisodus ringens, Machaerodus oreodontis, Mammut proavus, Mastodon proavus, Megacerops bucco, Menodus trigonoceras, Menops trigonoceras, Miomastodon proavus, Miothen, Miothen crassigenis, Miothen gracile, Nanodelphys hunti, Neurodromicus, Neurodromicus dorsalis, Ogmophis angulatus, Palaeogale lagophaga, Palaeolagus agapetillus, Paramys relictus, Peratherium alternans, Peratherium huntii, Peratherium marginale, Peratherium scalare, Peratherium tricuspis, Platyrhachis, Platyrhachis coloradoensis, Platyrhachis unipedalis, Prosciurus relictus, Protemnocyon hartshornianus, Pseudocynodictis lippincottianus, Rhineura coloradoensis, Sciurus relictus, Serridentinus proavus, Symborodon altirostris, Symborodon bucco, Symborodon trigonoceras, Tetrabelodon proavus, Titanotherium altirostris, Titanotherium bucco, Titanotherium trigonoceras, Tricium agapetilla, Tricium annae, Zygolophodon proavus