I. Z. Kotova 1978

Full reference
I. Z. Kotova. 1978. Spores and pollen from Cretaceous deposits of the eastern North Atlantic Ocean, Deep Sea Drealing Project, Leg. 41, Sites 367 and 370. Deep Sea Drealing Project 41:841-881 [C. Jaramillo/P. Santamarina]
ID number:  55617
Created:  2015-06-27 15:19:31
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic opinions (20) - view classification
'Auriculiidites reticulatus belongs to Auriculiidites' according to Elsik 1965
'Ceratosporites parvus belongs to Ceratosporites' according to Maryland 1963
'Cicatricosisporites potomacensis belongs to Cicatricosisporites' according to Brenner 1963
'Cicatricosisporites proxiradiatus belongs to Cicatricosisporites' according to Kemp 1970
'Dicheiropollis etruscus belongs to Dicheiropollis' according to Trevisan 1971
'Ephedripites pentacostatus belongs to Ephedripites' according to Brenner 1968
'Exesipollenites tumulosus belongs to Exesipollenites' according to Balme 1957
'Hexaporotricolpites lamellaferus belongs to Hexaporotricolpites' according to Jardiné 1972
'Hexaporotricolpites belongs to Didymelaceae' according to Boltenhagen 1967
'Parvisaccites radiatus belongs to Parvisaccites' according to Couper 1958
'Patellasporites distaverrucosus belongs to Patellasporites' according to Kemp 1970
'Steevesipollenites dajani belongs to Steevesipollenites' according to Brenner 1968
'Striatopollis sarstedtensis belongs to Striatopollis' according to Krutzsch 1959
'Tricolpites giganteus belongs to Tricolpites' according to Jardiné and Magloire 1965
'Tricolpites microstriatus belongs to Tricolpites' according to Jardiné and Magloire 1965
'Tricolporopollenites triangulus belongs to Tricolporopollenites' according to Groot 1961
'Triorites belongs to Dicotyledonae' according to Couper 1953
'Tsugaepollenites trilobatus belongs to Tsugaepollenites' according to Balme 1957
'Tuberositriletes montuosus belongs to Tuberositriletes' according to Döring 1964
'Tuberositriletes belongs to Pteridophyta' according to Döring 1964