W. J. Kennedy 1984

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W. J. Kennedy. 1984. Systematic palaeontology and stratigraphic distribution of the ammonite faunas of the French Coniacian. Special Papers in Palaeontology 31:1-160 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham/M. Clapham]
ID number:  59212
Created:  2016-05-21 22:38:49
Modified:  2016-05-22 12:39:26
Publication type:  serial monograph
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (78)
Ammonites (Schloenbachia) isamberti, Ammonites alstadenensis, Ammonites bourgeoisianus, Ammonites ewaldi, Ammonites haplophyllus, Ammonites nouelianus, Ammonites petrocoriensis, Ammonites robini, Ammonites semiornatus, Ancyloceras douvillei, Baculites brevicosta, Baculites tuberculata, Barroisia, Barroisia boissellieri, Barroisia haberfellneri, Barroisia haberfellneri desmoulinsi, Barroisia haberfellneri harlei, Barroisia harlei, Barroisia nicklesi, Barroisia sequens, Barroisiceras haueri, Bevahites (Parabevahites), Buchiceras nardini, Buchiceras slizewiczi, Desmoceras ponsianum, Dordiella, Forresteria (Harleites) nicklesi, Forresteria (Harleites) petrocoriensis, Gauthiericeras boreaui, Gauthiericeras fauremuretae, Gauthiericeras nouelianum, Hamites trinodosus, Harleites harlei, Lewesiceras tongoboryense, Metatissotia desmoulinsi, Metatissotia ewaldi, Metatissotia nanclasi, Metatissotia nodosa, Metatissotia redtenbacheri, Metatissotia silzewiczi, Metatissotia slizewiczi, Mortoniceras bontanti, Mortoniceras desmondi, Mortoniceras michelii, Mortoniceras shoshonense, Mortoniceras zeilleri, Onitschoceras ponsianum, Otoscaphites arnaudi, Pachydiscoides janeti, Paratexanites (Paratexanites), Paratexanites (Paratexanites) rex, Paratexanites desmondi, Paratexanites zeilleri, Peroniceras (Zuluiceras) bajuvaricum, Peroniceras (Zuluiceras) isamberti, Peroniceras rousseauxi, Phlycticrioceras oregonense, Phlycticrioceras trinodosus, Placenticeras semiornatum, Protexanites (Protexanites) bontanti, Protexanites (Protexanites) bourgeoisi, Reesideoceras, Reesideoceras gallicum, Scaphites (Scaphites) meslei, Scaphites arnaudi, Scaphites arnaudiformis, Scaphites meslei, Scaphites potieri, Scaphites sagensis, Schloenbachia boreaui, Schloenbachia nanclasi, Sonneratia janeti, Sornayceras omorii, Tissotia redtenbacheri, Tissotioides (Tissotioides), Tissotioides (Tissotioides) haplophyllus, Tongoboryceras hancocki, Tongoboryceras tongoboryense
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