P.-E. Dieudonné et al. 2016

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P.-E. Dieudonné, T. Tortosa, F. Torcida Fernández-Baldor, J. I. Canudo, and I. Díaz-Martínez. 2016. An unexpected early rhabdodontid from Europe (Lower Cretaceous of Salas de los Infantes, Burgos Province, Spain) and a re-examination of basal iguanodontian relationships. PLoS ONE 11(6):e0156251:1-40 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano]
ID number:  59608
Created:  2016-06-29 14:33:25
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
DOI:  10.1371/journal.pone.0156251
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