C. W. Johnson 1899

Full reference
C. W. Johnson. 1899. New and Interesting Species in the "Isaac Lea Collection of Eocene Mollusca". Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 51(1):71-82 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner]
ID number:  59733
Created:  2016-07-06 10:12:55
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (65)
Adeorbis infraplicatus, Ampullina morgani, Cassis (Phalium) taitii, Cassis taitii, Columbella punctostriata, Cypraea (Cypraedia) subcancellata, Cypraea (Jenneria) attenuata, Cypraea attenuata, Cypraea jacksonensis, Cypraea ludoviciana, Cypraea ludoviciania, Cypraea vaughani, Cypraedia subcancellata, Dasyostoma rugostoma, Dientomochilus (Dasyostoma) rugostomum, Dientomochilus rugostoma, Ectinochilus (Dasyostoma) rugostoma, Ectinochilus (Vaderos) rugostomum, Eocypraea vaughani, Fusus apicalis, Fusus houstonensis, Fusus ludovicianus, Fusus perobliquus, Globularia morgani, Jenneria (Projenneria) ludoviciana, Jenneria (Projenneria) ludoviciania, Latrius harrisii, Latrius obtusus, Latrius sexcostatus, Latrius suturalis, Metula brazosensis, Metula gracilis, Metula johnsoni, Metula subgracilis, Mitra grantensis, Morio planotecta, Neosimnia (Neosimnia) subtruncata, Neosimnia subtruncata, Neosimnia texana, Ovula (Simnia) subtruncata, Ovula (Simnia) texana, Phos hilli, Phos hilli jacksonensis, Phos hilli jcksonensis, Phos hilli magnocostatus, Phos hilli magnooostatus, Phos johnsoni, Potamides (Telescopium), Potamides (Telescopium) chamberlaini, Projenneria ludoviciana, Rimella rugostoma, Simnia subtruncata, Simnia texana, Sphaerocypraea jacksonensis, Sulcocypraea vaughani, Tornus infraplicatus, Transovula texana, Tritiaria jacksonensis, Tritiaria magnooostatus, Typhis (Rugotyphis) dentatus, Typhis (Typhina) dentatus, Typhis dentatus, Typhus dentatus, Uromitra grantensis, Volvaria reticulata
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