B. Dechnik et al. 2017

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B. Dechnik, J. M. Webster, G. E. Webb, L. Nothdurft, A. Dutton, J. Braga, J. Zhao, S. Duce, and J. Sadler. 2017. The evolution of the Great Barrier Reef during the Last Interglacial Period. Global and Planetary Change 149:53-71 [W. Kiessling/M. Krause]
ID number:  61848
Created:  2017-03-09 08:43:55
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic opinions (6) - view classification
'Harveylithon belongs to Metagoniolithoideae' according to B. Dechnik et al. 2017
'Hydrolithon conicum belongs to Hydrolithon' according to Dawson 1960
'Hydrolithon conicum is recombined as Pneophyllum conicum' according to Keats et al. 1997
'Lithophyllum munitum belongs to Lithophyllum' according to Foslie and M. Howe 1906
'Lithophyllum munitum is recombined as Harveylithon munitum' according to Rösler et al. 2016
'Pneophyllum belongs to Mastophoroideae' according to B. Dechnik et al. 2017
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