C. D. Walcott 1910

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C. D. Walcott. 1910. Cambrian geology and paleontology. No. 6 - Olenellus and other genera of the Mesonacidæ. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 53(6):231-422 [J. Marcot/J. Marcot]
ID number:  66698
Created:  2018-08-31 11:01:29
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (80)
Barrandia thompsoni, Callavia bicensis, Callavia broggeri, Callavia burri, Callavia callavei, Callavia callavii, Callavia cartlandi, Callavia crosbyi, Callavia nevadensis, Cephalacanthus broggeri, Cephalacanthus kjerulfi, Ebenezeria, Elliptocephala bicensis, Elliptocephala logani, Elliptocephalus (Schmidtia), Elliptocephalus (Schmidtia) mickwitzi, Esmeraldina rowei, Fremontella halli, Fremontia canadensis, Fremontia fremonti, Georgiellus, Grandinasus argentus, Holmia (Olenellus), Holmia (Olenellus) kjerulfi, Holmia broggeri, Holmia rowei, Holmia weeksi, Mesonacis (Olenellus), Mesonacis fremonti, Mesonacis mickwitziae, Mesonacis torelli, Nevadella gracile, Nevadia, Nevadia gracile, Nevadia weeksi, Olenelloides, Olenelloides armatus, Olenellus (Fremontia) fremonti, Olenellus (Georgiellus), Olenellus (Holmia) broeggeri, Olenellus (Holmia) cartlandi, Olenellus (Holmia) walcottanus, Olenellus (Olenelloides), Olenellus (Olenelloides) armatus, Olenellus (Olenus), Olenellus (Paedeumias), Olenellus (Paedeumias) transitans, Olenellus argentus, Olenellus broggeri, Olenellus callavei, Olenellus canadensis, Olenellus claytoni, Olenellus crassimarginatus, Olenellus fremonti, Olenellus gigas, Olenellus intermedius, Olenellus kjerulfi, Olenellus logani, Olenellus mickwitzi, Olenellus nevadensis, Olenellus thompsoni crassimarginatus, Olenellus torelli, Olenellus transitans, Paedeumias, Paedeumias nevadensis, Paedeumias transitans, Paedumias, Paedumias nevadensis, Paradoxides thompsoni, Paradoxides walcotti, Peachella, Plesionevadia burri, Schmidtia, Schmidtia mickwitzi, Schmidtia torelli, Wanneria, Wanneria gracile, Wanneria halli, Wanneria logani, Wanneria walcottanus
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