E. Vlachos et al. 2019

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E. Vlachos, J. Sterli, K. Vasileiadou and G. Syrides. 2019. A new species of Mauremys (Testudines, Geoemydidae) from the Late Miocene - Pliocene of Central Macedonia (Northern Greece) with excpetionally wide vertebral scutes. Papers in Palaeontology 5(1):177-195 [E. Vlachos/E. Vlachos/E. Vlachos]
ID number:  66752
Created:  2018-09-09 14:27:50
Modified:  2019-02-20 11:53:13
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
DOI:  10.1002/spp2.1235
Comments: This published work and the nomenclatural act it contains, have been registered in ZooBank: http://zoobank.org/References/3FE4D9DA-CED3-43B7-8EB3-1662170ECC69 Data for this study are available in MorphoBank: http://mor phobank.org/permalink/?P3154
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'Mauremys aristotelica belongs to Mauremys' according to E. Vlachos et al. 2019
'Mauremys belongs to Geoemydidae' according to E. Vlachos et al. 2019
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