L. D. Boonstra 1969

Full reference
L. D. Boonstra. 1969. The fauna of the Tapinocephalus Zone (Beaufort Beds of the Karoo). Annals of the South African Museum 56(1):1-73 [A. Dunhill/B. Allen]
ID number:  67683
Created:  2019-01-04 13:32:02
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (79)
Alepognathus, Alepognathus angustioriceps, Alopecideops, Alopecideops gracilis, Alopecodon minor, Alopecognathus megalops, Anteosaurus abeli, Anteosaurus acutirostris, Anteosaurus crassifrons, Anteosaurus cruentus, Anteosaurus laticeps, Anteosaurus levops, Anteosaurus lotzi, Anteosaurus major, Anteosaurus minor, Anteosaurus minusculus, Anteosaurus parvus, Anteosaurus vorsteri, Bradysaurus whaitsi, Bradysuchus whaitsi, Cerdodon, Cerdodon tenuidens, Cynariognathus gallowayi, Cynariognathus seeleyi, Cyniscodon, Cyniscodon lydekkeri, Dinopolus, Dinopolus atrox, Dinosphageus, Dinosphageus haughtoni, Dinosuchus vorsteri, Galesuchidae, Ictidoparia, Ictidoparia brevirostris, Jonkeria angusticeps, Jonkeria atrox, Jonkeria crassus, Jonkeria haughtoni, Jonkeria koupensis, Jonkeria parva, Jonkeria rossouwi, Jonkeria vanderbyli, Koalemasaurus, Micranteosaurus parvus, Moschopinae, Moschops oweni, Moschops whaitsi, Parascapanodon, Parascapanodon avifontis, Pareiasaurus whaitsi, Phoneosuchus, Phoneosuchus angusticeps, Pristerognathinae, Pristerognathoides vanwyki, Pristerognathus peyeri, Pseudanteosaurus, Pseudanteosaurus minor, Riebeeckosaurinae, Scapanodon septemfontis, Scullya, Scullya gigas, Scymnosaurus major, Scymnosaurus watsoni, Simorhinella baini, Struthiocephalellus parvus, Struthiocephalinae, Struthiocephaloides duplessisi, Struthiocephalus duplessisi, Theriodesmus, Theriodesmus phylarchus, Titanognathus, Titanognathus lotzi, Trochorhinus, Trochorhinus vanhoepeni, Trochosaurus intermedius, Walteria, Walteria skinneri, Zinnosaurus, Zinnosaurus paucidens
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