R. Broom 1913

Full reference
R. Broom. 1913. A revision of the reptiles of the Karroo. Annals of the South African Museum 7(6):361-366 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Uhen]
ID number:  9934
Created:  2004-02-26 13:59:24
Modified:  2018-08-01 15:27:37
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (85)
Aelurosaurus, Aelurosaurus angusticeps, Aelurosaurus curvimola, Aelurosaurus felinus, Alopecodon, Alopecodon priscus, Alopecodon rugosus, Aloposaurus, Aloposaurus gracilis, Anomodontia, Anomodontia, Anomodontia, Archaeosuchus, Archaeosuchus cairncrossi, Arctosuchus, Arctosuchus tigrinus, Bainia tigriceps, Brachypareia rogersi, Chelyoposaurus, Chelyoposaurus williamsi, Cistecephalus, Cynochampsa laniaria, Cynodraco, Cynodraco serridens, Cynognathus seeleyi, Daptosauria, Delphinognathus, Delphinognathus conocephalus, Dicynodon leoniceps, Dicynodon tigriceps, Eccasaurus, Eccasaurus priscus, Endothiodon, Endothiodon bathystoma, Endothiodon uniseries, Galechirus whaitsi, Galepus jouberti, Gorgonops, Gorgonops torvus, Hyaenasuchus, Hyaenasuchus whaitsi, Ictidosuchus angusticeps, Lycorhinus parvidens, Lycosaurus, Lycosaurus curvimola, Lycosaurus pardalis, Lycosaurus tigrinus, Lystrosaurus, Lystrosaurus andersoni, Lystrosaurus frontosus, Microgomphodon oligocynus, Nythosaurus, Pareiasaurus, Pareiasaurus bombidens, Pareiasaurus russouwi, Pareiasaurus serridens, Pelosuchus, Pelosuchus priscus, Pristerodon, Pristerognathus, Pristerognathus polyodon, Procolophon, Procolophon minor, Procolophon trigoniceps, Prodicynodon, Propappus, Propappus omocratus, Propappus rogersi, Saurosternon baini, Scaloposaurus, Scaloposaurus constrictus, Scapanodon, Scapanodon duplessisi, Scymnosaurus warreni, Tapinocephalus, Tigrisuchus, Tigrisuchus simus, Titanosuchus, Titanosuchus cloetei, Titanosuchus ferox, Trirachodon, Trirachodon berryi, Trirachodon kannemeyeri, Trochosaurus, Trochosaurus acutus
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