Eifelian age

393.3 - 387.7 Ma

The definition of this interval in the timescale International Chronostratigraphic Timescale is taken from the following source:

  • K. M. Cohen, S.C. Finney, P.L. Gibbard and J.-X. Fan. 2023. The ICS International Chronostratigraphic Chart v2023/09. view

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This interval is used in the definition of 1625 collections

A total of 1702 collections with 12630 occurrences lie within this time span

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International Chronostratigraphic TimescaleDevonian Subages
DevonianLate DevonianFamennianLate Famennian358.9
Middle Famennian365.3 *
Early Famennian368.5 *
FrasnianLate Frasnian372.2
Middle Frasnian375.4 *
Early Frasnian379.3 *
Middle DevonianGivetianLate Givetian382.7
Middle Givetian383.7 *
Early Givetian385.9 *
EifelianLate Eifelian387.7
Early Eifelian390.3 *
Early DevonianEmsianLate Emsian393.3
Early Emsian398.3 *
LochkovianLate Lochkovian410.8
Middle Lochkovian412.8 *
Early Lochkovian415.6 *