International Chronostratigraphic Timescale

The interval definitions in this timescale are derived from the following sources:

  • K. M. Cohen, S.C. Finney, P.L. Gibbard and J.-X. Fan. 2023. The ICS International Chronostratigraphic Chart v2023/09. view
  • F. J. Prevosti, C. O. Romano, A. M. Forasiepi, S. Hemming, R. Bonini, A. M. Candela, E. Cerdeño, M. C. Madozzo Jaén, P. E. Ortiz, F. Pujos, L. Rasia, G. I. Schmidt, M. Taglioretti, R. D. E. MacPhee, and U. F. J. Pardiñas. 2021. New radiometric 40Ar–39Ar dates and faunistic analyses refine evolutionary dynamics of Neogene vertebrate assemblages in southern South America. Scientific Reports 2021(11):9830 view
  • J. J. Flynn and C. C. Swisher, III. 1995. Cenozoic South American Land Mammal Ages: correlation to global geochronology. Geochronology Time Scales and Global Stratigraphic Correlation, SEPM Special Publication 54:317-333 view

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Interval boundaries marked with * have been interpolated based on the differences between the ages for international timescale boundaries quoted in the source and the currently accepted ages for those boundaries.

Interval names marked with † are no longer in current use.

This timescale is used in the definition of 125884 collections

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International Chronostratigraphic TimescaleSouth American Land Mammal Ages
NeogenePliocenePiacenzianVorohuean/Uquian2.58 *
Chapadmalalan2.9 *
Montehermosan3.7 *
Huayquerian4.9 *
Chasicoan7.9 *
Mayoan9.9 *
Laventan10.9 *
Colloncuran13.7 *
Friasian15.4 *
Santacrucian16.2 *
Colhuehuapian17.4 *
Deseadan20.9 *
23.03 *