Sample 5, Titusville Site (140-255 cm) (Pleistocene of the United States)

Where: Pennsylvania (41.6° N, 79.6° W: paleocoordinates 41.6° N, 79.6° W)

• coordinate stated in text

• hand sample-level geographic resolution

When: Titusville Till Formation, Late/Upper Pleistocene (0.1 - 0.0 Ma)

• Sample from the bottom of the peat layer at roughly 150 cm below the surface. Roughly 40,500 yr B.P.

Environment/lithology: mire or swamp; unlithified peat

• Faunal analogues to this assemblage occur today in forest-tundra environments of North America west of Hudson Bay, a region where mean July temperatures range from 10 to 13 C.

Size class: mesofossils

Collection methods: quarrying, sieve

• In 1990, 174 kg of peat and silt from six samples was collected from the three organic horizons at depths of 0–60, 120–155, and 245–255 cm, respectively (Fig. 2). The 0-cm data position was defined at the top of the upper organic horizon. Chitinous remains of insects were recovered from the samples using a kerosene flotation technique (Ashworth, 1979). Disaggregation of highly compressed peats was aided by soaking them in a 5% NaOH solution. Arthropod remains were abundant and well preserved in all samples. All specimens, including those examined by Totten and Coope in 1967, were mounted onto micropaleontological slides and reposited in the Quaternary Entomology Laboratory at North Dakota State University.

Primary reference: S. Cong, A. C. Ashworth, D. P. Schwert and S. M. Totten. 1996. Fossil Beetle Evidence for a Short Warm Interval near 40,000 yr B.P. at Titusville, Pennsylvania. Quaternary Research 45:216-225 [M. Clapham/J. Karr/J. Karr]more details

Purpose of describing collection: paleoecologic analysis

PaleoDB collection 137207: authorized by Matthew Clapham, entered by Jered Karr on 12.12.2012

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Hymenoptera - Formicidae
Formicidae indet. Latreille 1802 ant
 Coleoptera - Byrrhidae
Curimopsis cf. moosilauke Johnson 1986 pill beetle
 Coleoptera - Elateridae
Elateridae indet. Leach 1815 click beetle
 Coleoptera - Hydrophilidae
Hydrophilidae indet. Latreille 1802 water scavenger beetle
 Coleoptera - Helophoridae
Helophorus sempervarians Angus 1970 water scavenger beetle
 Coleoptera - Staphylinidae
Staphylinidae indet. Latreille 1802 rove beetle
Euaesthetinae indet. Thomson 1859 rove beetle
Quedius sp. Stephens 1829 rove beetle
Aleocharinae indet. Fleming 1821 rove beetle
Stenus sp. Latreille 1796 rove beetle
Bledius sp. Leach 1819 rove beetle
Omaliinae indet. MacLeay 1825 rove beetle
Acidota quadrata Zetterstedt 1838 rove beetle
Olophrum rotundicolle Sahlberg 1817 rove beetle
Pycnoglypta sp. Thomson 1858 winter rove beetle
Pycnoglypta aptera or Pycnoglypta lurida
"Tachinus tachyporoides" = Nitidotachinus tachyporoides Horn 1877 rove beetle
 Coleoptera - Hydraenidae
Hydraena sp. Kugelann 1794 minute moss beetle
 Coleoptera - Curculionidae
Pityophthorus sp. Eichhoff 1864 bark beetle
 Coleoptera - Scarabaeidae
Aegialia sp. Latreille scarab beetle
 Coleoptera - Carabidae
Carabidae indet. Latreille 1802 ground beetle
Stereocerus haematopus Dejean 1831 ground beetle
Elaphrus lapponicus Gyllenhal 1810 ground beetle
Harpalus sp. Latreille 1802 ground beetle
"Pterostichus punctatissimus" = Pterostichus (Lenapterus) punctatissimus Randall 1838 ground beetle
"Pterostichus patruelis" = Pterostichus (Phonias) patruelis Dejean 1831 ground beetle
"Cymindis cribricollis" = Cymindis (Tarulus) cribricollis Dejean 1831 ground beetle
"Trechus crassiscapus" = Trechus (Trechus) crassiscapus Lindroth 1955 ground beetle
Patrobus sp. Dejean 1821 ground beetle
Patrobus septentrionis Dejean 1828 ground beetle
Patrobus stygicus Chaudoir 1872 ground beetle
Agonum sp. Bonelli 1810 ground beetle
"Agonum gratiosum" = Agonum (Europhilus) gratiosum Mannerheim 1853 ground beetle
"Agonum quinquepunctatum" = Agonum (Olisares) quinquepunctatum Motschulsky 1844 ground beetle