Sache Region, Assemblage 1 (Cretaceous to of China)

Where: Xingjian, China (40.0° N, 100.0° E: paleocoordinates 39.6° N, 92.1° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

When: Kukebai Formation, Late/Upper Cretaceous to Late/Upper Cretaceous (100.5 - 5.3 Ma)

• The Upper Cretaceous strata in the Shache Depression are named the Yenjisa Group and are subdivided into three formations, the Kukebai, Wuyitake and Yigeziya Formations, in ascending order.

Environment/lithology: marine; lithified, green siliciclastic sediments and lithified, gray, red limestone

• The Upper Cretaceous contains green marine clastic rocks and reddish grey limestone and has abundant fossils of Mediterranean bivalves, foraminifers, gastropods, spores and pollen, dinoflagellate cysts and acritarchs

Size class: microfossils

Preservation: soft parts, original sporopollenin

Primary reference: W. Da-Ning and Z. Ying-Niang. 1990. Late Cretaceous to Tertiary palynofloras in Xinjiang and Qinghai, China. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 65:9-104 [C. Jaramillo/G. Doria/A. Cardenas ]more details

Purpose of describing collection: biostratigraphic analysis

PaleoDB collection 140039: authorized by Carlos Jaramillo, entered by Gabriela Doria on 27.02.2013

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Pinales - Podocarpaceae
Podocarpidites sp. Cookson 1947
 Pinales -
 Pinales - Cheirolepidiaceae
Classopollis sp. Pflug 1953
 Ephedrales - Ephedraceae
Ephedripites sp. Bolkhovitina and Potonié 1958 jointfir
Polycingulatisporites reduncus Playford and Dettmann 1965
 Schizaeales -
Appendicisporites sp. Weyland and Greifeld 1953
 Schizaeales - Schizaeaceae
Schizaeoisporites sp. Delcourt and Sprumont 1955
Cicatricosisporites sp. Potonie and Gelletich 1933
Taurocusporites segmentatus
Triporoletes sp. Mtchedlishvili 1960
Nevesisporites sp. de Jersey and Paten 1964
Rhoipites sp. Wodehouse 1933
Momipites sp. Wodehouse 1933
Ulmoideipites sp. Anderson 1960
 Proteales - Proteaceae
Echitriporites sp. Van der Hammen 1956
Beaupreaidites sp. Potonié 1960
 Proteales -
Proteacidites sp. Cookson and Couper 1953
 Gymnospermophyta -
Cedripites sp. Woodhouse 1933
Parcisporites sp. Leschik 1955
Sofrepites sp. Jardiné 1967 elaterate
Gabonisporites sp. Srivastava 1972
Chenopodipollis sp. Krutzsch 1966
Alnipollenites sp. Potonie 1931
Senegalosporites sp. Jardiné and Magloire 1965 elaterate