Windmill Quarry, off of Windmill Road & Summer Hill South, Cork (Carboniferous of Ireland)

Where: Cork, Ireland (51.9° N, 8.5° W: paleocoordinates 6.3° S, 0.1° W)

When: Coral Zone H other zone, Coolbane Member (Liscarroll Limestone Formation), Brigantian (336.0 - 326.4 Ma)

• Lower part of D2 zone.

• member-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: deep subtidal shelf; bioturbated, peloidal, blue packstone and bioturbated, peloidal, blue wackestone

• The bulk of this member was deposited in a deep-water, subtidal, open-marine environment, below fair-weather wavebase, but above storm wavebase. Bioturbation and occasional storm events in this environment are considered to have combined to generate the abundant intraclasts in this member. (From Gallagher & Somerville 1997).
• Coolbane Member consists of well-bedded (0.1±2.5 m), steely blue, bioturbated, spicule-rich peloidal packstones and wackestones. (From Gallagher & Somerville 1997).

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Reposited in the BMNH

Primary reference: S. Haughton. 1859. On some fossil Pyramidellidae from Carboniferous Limestone of Cork and Clonmel. Proceedings of the Dublin University Zoology and Botany Association 1:281-283 [P. Wagner/P. Wagner]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 184504: authorized by Pete Wagner, entered by Pete Wagner on 08.03.2017

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Neritoina - Plagiothyridae
"Littorina solida" = Littorinides solidum2
"Littorina solida" = Littorinides solidum2 de Koninck 1844 snail
 Neritoina - Neritopsidae
"Turbo biserialis" = Turbonitella biserialis2
"Turbo biserialis" = Turbonitella biserialis2 Phillips 1836 snail
 Neritoina - Delphinulopsidae
"Natica ampliata" = Marmolatella ampliata2, "Natica spirata" = Marmolatella ampliata2
"Natica ampliata" = Marmolatella ampliata2 Phillips 1836 snail
"Natica spirata" = Marmolatella ampliata2 Phillips 1836 snail
 Euomphalina - Euomphalidae
Euomphalus catillus2 Martin 1793 snail
Euomphalus acutus2 Sowerby 1818 snail
Euomphalus planorbis2 d’Archiac and de Verneuil 1842 snail
Euomphalus pentangulatus2 Sowerby 1814 snail
"Euomphalus calyx" = Schizostoma calyx2 Phillips 1836 snail
Straparollus dionysii2 de Montfort 1810 snail
"Euomphalus aequalis" = Straparollus aequalis2 Sowerby 1815 snail
 Euomphalina - Anomphalidae
"Platyschisma fallax" = Straparella fallax2
"Platyschisma fallax" = Straparella fallax2 de Koninck 1844 snail
 Euomphalina - Pseudophoridae
"Trochella prisca" = Flemingella prisca2
"Trochella prisca" = Flemingella prisca2 M'Coy 1844 snail
 Euomphalina - Platyceratidae
Platyschisma helicoides2 Sowerby 1826 snail
"Capulus vetustus" = Platyceras vetusta2 Sowerby 1829 snail
 Prosobranchia - Goniasmatidae
Cerithioides telescopium n. gen. n. sp.
Cerithioides telescopium n. gen. n. sp. Haughton 1859 snail
 Prosobranchia - Pseudozygopleuridae
"Loxonema lefebvrei" = Pseudozygopleura lefebvrei2, "Loxonema rugifera" = Nodozyga rugifera, "Loxonema constricta" = Microptychis constricta2
"Loxonema lefebvrei" = Pseudozygopleura lefebvrei2 Léveillé 1835 snail
"Loxonema rugifera" = Nodozyga rugifera Phillips 1836 snail
"Loxonema constricta" = Microptychis constricta2 Sowerby 1821 snail
 Cerithimorpha - Orthonemidae
"Murchisonia dispar" = Murchisonia (Donaldospira) dispar2
"Murchisonia dispar" = Murchisonia (Donaldospira) dispar2 M'Coy 1853 snail
 Bellerophontida - Bellerophontidae
"Bellerophon tangentialis" = Teutonophon tangentialis
"Bellerophon tangentialis" = Teutonophon tangentialis Phillips 1836 snail
 Neritoidea - Naticopsidae
"Natica elliptica" = Naticopsis elliptica2, "Natica elongata" = Naticopsis (Naticopsis) elongata2, "Natica plicistria" = Naticopsis (Jedria) plicistria2
"Natica elliptica" = Naticopsis elliptica2 Phillips 1836 snail
"Natica elongata" = Naticopsis (Naticopsis) elongata2 Phillips 1836 snail
"Natica plicistria" = Naticopsis (Jedria) plicistria2 Phillips 1836 snail
 Murchisoniina - Porcelliidae
"Porcellia puzosi" = Porcellia puzo
"Porcellia puzosi" = Porcellia puzo Léveillé 1835 snail
 Murchisoniina - Gosseletinidae
"Pleurotomaria altavittata" = Globodoma altavittata2, "Pleurotomaria naticoides" = Mourlonia naticoides2, "Pleurotomaria expansa" = Mourlonia expansa2, "Pleurotomaria conica" = Euconospira conica2, "Pleurotomaria callosa" = Gosseletina callosa2, "Pleurotomaria decussata" = Devonorhineoderma decussata2
"Pleurotomaria altavittata" = Globodoma altavittata2 M'Coy 1844 snail
"Pleurotomaria naticoides" = Mourlonia naticoides2 de Koninck 1843 snail
"Pleurotomaria expansa" = Mourlonia expansa2 Phillips 1836 snail
"Pleurotomaria conica" = Euconospira conica2 Phillips 1836 snail
"Pleurotomaria callosa" = Gosseletina callosa2 de Koninck 1843 snail
"Pleurotomaria decussata" = Devonorhineoderma decussata2 d’Archiac and de Verneuil 1842 snail
 Murchisoniina - Murchisoniidae
"Murchisonia striatula" = Aclisina striatula2
"Murchisonia striatula" = Aclisina striatula2 de Koninck 1844 snail
 Murchisoniina - Pithodeidae
"Pleurotomaria tornatilis" = Pithodea tornatilis2, "Turritella suturalis" = Pithodea suturalis2
"Pleurotomaria tornatilis" = Pithodea tornatilis2 Phillips 1836 snail
"Turritella suturalis" = Pithodea suturalis2 Phillips 1836 snail
 Murchisoniina - Soleniscidae
"Macrocheilus acutus" = Macrochilina acuta, "Macrocheilus curvilineus" = Macrochilina acuta2, "Macrocheilus nobilis" = Strobeus nobilis2
"Macrocheilus acutus" = Macrochilina acuta Sowerby 1827 snail
"Macrocheilus curvilineus" = Macrochilina acuta2 Sowerby 1827 snail
"Macrocheilus nobilis" = Strobeus nobilis2 Sowerby 1826 snail
 Murchisoniina - Palaeozygopleuridae
"Loxonema sulculosa" = Palaeozyga sulculosa2
"Loxonema sulculosa" = Palaeozyga sulculosa2 Phillips 1836 snail
 Pleurotomariida - Phymatopleuridae
"Pleurotomaria yvanni" = Baylea yvanii2
"Pleurotomaria yvanni" = Baylea yvanii2 Léveillé 1835 snail
 Archinacellida - Metoptomatidae
"Patella sinuosa" = Lepetopsis phillipsi1
"Patella sinuosa" = Lepetopsis phillipsi1 de Koninck 1883
"Dentalium ornatum" = Entalis ornata2
"Dentalium ornatum" = Entalis ornata2 de Koninck 1843 tusk shell