Duntu Basin, Hengshan Formation (soft-shelled turtle locality) (Cretaceous of China)

Where: Zhejiang, China (29.4° N, 119.9° E: paleocoordinates 36.0° N, 118.7° E)

• coordinate stated in text

When: Hengshan Formation, Albian (113.0 - 100.5 Ma)

Environment/lithology: lacustrine - small; lithology not reported

Size class: macrofossils

Collection methods: surface (in situ),

• ZMNH, Zhejiang Museum of Natural History

Primary reference: D. Brinkman, M. Rabi, and L. Zhao. 2017. Lower Cretaceous fossils from China shed light on the ancestral body plan of crown softshell turtles (Trionychidae, Cryptodira). Scientific Reports 7:6719:1-11 [E. Vlachos/E. Vlachos/P. Mannion]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 187435: authorized by Evangelos Vlachos, entered by Evangelos Vlachos on 28.07.2017

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Testudines - Pantrionychidae
Perochelys hengshanensis n. sp. Brinkman et al. 2017 turtle
ZMNH M8750: articulated skeleton in ventral view, missing the anterior and right three quarters of the skull, lateral half of the right plastron, and a section through the anterior end of the shell including most of the anterior edge of the shell and the posterior portion of the neck.