USGS 14879 - Casmalia Hills [Foxen Mudstone] (Pliocene to of the United States)

Also known as Woodring Loc. 139; W40

Where: Santa Barbara County, California (34.9° N, 120.5° W: paleocoordinates 34.7° N, 119.3° W)

• coordinate estimated from map

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Foxen Mudstone Formation, Zanclean to Zanclean (5.3 - 2.6 Ma)

• LITHOSTRATIGRAPHY: From the Foxen Mudstone, which overlies the Sisquoc Formation (late Miocene-early Pliocene) and underlies the Careaga Formation (late Pliocene). AGE: Early-middle Pliocene, on the basis of foraminiferal and microfossil biostratigraphy.

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: offshore; poorly lithified mudstone

• PALEOENVIRONMENT: Established on the basis of faunal composition.
• LITHOLOGY: Mudstone. LITHIFICATION: Assumed on the basis of figured specimens.

Size class: macrofossils

Collected by W. Woodring; reposited in the USNM

Collection methods: surface (in situ),

• COLLECTORS: Not reported, but assumed to be W. Woodring. REPOSITORY: Smithsonian (USNM).

Primary reference: W. P. Woodring and M.N. Bramlette. 1950. Geology and paleontology of the Santa Maria District California. United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 222 [A. Miller/A. Hendy/A. Hendy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: biostratigraphic analysis

PaleoDB collection 189541: authorized by Austin Hendy, entered by Austin Hendy on 29.10.2017

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• COVERAGE: Exhaustive for macrofossils. NOMENCLATURE: Somewhat antiquated nomenclature.
 Sessilia - Balanidae
"Balanus aquila" = Tamiosoma gregaria
"Balanus aquila" = Tamiosoma gregaria Conrad 1856 barnacle
Balanus cf. B. aquila
 Arcida - Arcidae
"Anadara trilineata" = Anadara (Anadara) trilineata
"Anadara trilineata" = Anadara (Anadara) trilineata Conrad 1856 ark
 Ostreida - Ostreidae
"Ostrea vespertina" = Dendostrea vespertina
"Ostrea vespertina" = Dendostrea vespertina Conrad 1855 oyster
Ostrea cf. 0. vespertina
 Carditida - Carditidae
"Cyclocardia californica" = Cyclocardia (Cyclocardia) californica Dall 1903 clam
Miodontiscus prolongatus Carpenter 1864 clam
Miodontiscus cf. M . prolongatus
 Pholadida - Pholadidae
"Pholadidea penita" = Penitella penita
"Pholadidea penita" = Penitella penita Conrad 1837 clam
 Cardiida - Veneridae
"Transennella tantilla" = Nutricola tantilla
"Transennella tantilla" = Nutricola tantilla Gould 1853 venus clam
Transennella cf. T. tantilla
 Protobranchia - Nuculanidae
Saccella orcutti pointed nut clam
 Ptenoglossa - Epitoniidae
"Opalia varicostata" = Opalia (Opalia) varicostata
"Opalia varicostata" = Opalia (Opalia) varicostata Stearns 1875 wentletrap
 Neogastropoda - Olividae
"Olivella baetica" = Olivella (Callianax) baetica
"Olivella baetica" = Olivella (Callianax) baetica Carpenter 1864 olive snail
Olivella cf. 0 . baetica
 Neogastropoda - Nassariidae
"Nassa waldorfensis" = Nassarius (Demondia) californianus
"Nassa waldorfensis" = Nassarius (Demondia) californianus Conrad 1856 snail
Nassa" waldorfensis
 Naticoidea - Naticidae
Cryptonatica aleutica Dall 1919 moon snail
 Calyptraeoidea - Calyptraeidae
Crepidula princeps Conrad 1855 slipper shell
Trochita radians Lamarck 1816 slipper shell
 Sorbeoconcha - Turritellidae
Turritella cooperi Carpenter 1864 turret shell
 Sorbeoconcha - Cerithiidae
Bittium casmaliense cerith snail
 Pyramidelloidea - Pyramidellidae
"Odostomia pratoma" = Odostomia (Evalea) pratoma
"Odostomia pratoma" = Odostomia (Evalea) pratoma Dall and Bartsch 1909 snail
Odostomia cf. 0. pratoma
 Fissurelloidea - Fissurellidae
Puncturella cooperi Carpenter 1864 puncturella
SUBSPECIES: Puncturella cooperi aphales
 Gadilida - Gadilidae
"Cadulus fusiformis" = Gadila aberrans
"Cadulus fusiformis" = Gadila aberrans Whiteaves 1887 tusk shell