Cullar Baza 1 (Pleistocene of Spain)

Also known as Cullar de Baza 1 Cullar-Baza 1

Where: Granada, Spain (37.6° N, 2.6° W: paleocoordinates 37.6° N, 2.6° W)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

When: Middle Pleistocene (0.8 - 0.1 Ma)

• Middle Pleistocene, Early Toringian. 25m section, Bones are found in level D.

Environment/lithology: fluvial-lacustrine; marl

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Collection methods: bulk,

• excavated in 1987. Plant remains and gastropods are also reported from these levels. Two worked pebbles and 5 manuports have been reported. Also possible coprolites.

Primary reference: M. T. Alberdi and B. Sanchez-Chillon. 1998. The Cullar Baza 1 site. In Agusti, J., Oms, O. and Martin-Suarez, E., 1998, The Plio-Pleistocene vertebrate succession of the Guadix-Baza Basin (SE Spain), European Quaternary Mammal Research Association (INQUA-SEQS) 33-35 [A. Turner/H. O'Regan/H. O'Regan]more details

Purpose of describing collection: archaeological analysis

PaleoDB collection 34985: authorized by Alan Turner, entered by Hannah O'Regan on 23.10.2003

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

Cyprinotus salinus2 Brady 1868 ostracod
 Podocopida - Candonidae
Candona cf. bitruncata2 ostracod
 Podocopida - Ilyocyprididae
Ilyocypris sp.2 Brady and Norman 1889 ostracod
Ilyocypris cf. bradyi2 Sars 1890 ostracod
 Podocopida -
Cyprideis torosa2 ostracod
 Helicoidea - Helicidae
Cepaea sp.3 Held 1838 slug
 Testudines - Pantestudinidae
Testudo sp. Linnaeus 1758 turtle
 Squamata - Lacertidae
Lacertidae indet. Bonaparte 1831 lizard
Lacerta (Podarrcis) sp. Linnaeus 1758 lizard
Acanthodactylus cf. erythrurus Fringe-fingered lizard
 Squamata - Amphisbaenidae
Blanus cinereus Vandelli 1797 Mediterranean worm lizard
 Squamata - Scincidae
Chalcides sp. Linnaeus 1758 skink
 Rodentia - Muridae
Apodemus aff. sylvaticus Linnaeus 1758 wood mouse
 Rodentia - Cricetidae
 Rodentia - Gliridae
Eliomys quercinus1 Linnaeus 1766 garden doormouse
Eliomys quercinus helleri
 Lagomorpha - Leporidae
 Perissodactyla - Rhinocerotidae
Stephanorhinus hundsheimensis1 Toula 1902 rhinoceros
Stephanorhinus etruscus brachycephalus
 Perissodactyla - Equidae
 Tribosphenida - Soricidae
Sorex sp. Linnaeus 1758 long-tailed shrew
Neomys sp. Kaup 1829 water shrew
Crocidura sp. Wagler 1832 white-toothed shrew
 Carnivora - Canidae
Canis etruscus Forsyth Major 1877 canine
 Carnivora - Hyaenidae
Crocuta crocuta Erxleben 1777 spotted hyaena
 Proboscidea - Elephantidae
Mammuthus trogontherii Pohlig 1888 mammoth
 Artiodactyla - Suidae
Sus cf. scrofa Linnaeus 1758 wild boar
 Artiodactyla - Bovidae
Bison sp. Hamilton-Smith 1827 bison
Capra sp.1 Linnaeus 1758 goat
 Artiodactyla - Cervidae
"Megaceros savini" = Megaloceros1
"Megaceros savini" = Megaloceros1 Irish elk