Gastropods of the Lahn Basin Limestones: Lindener Mark (Devonian of Germany)

Where: Hessen, Germany (50.6° N, 8.7° E: paleocoordinates 22.1° S, 8.4° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• local area-level geographic resolution

When: Givetian (387.7 - 382.7 Ma)

• formation-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: marine; limestone and reef rocks

• Deposits intimately associated with reefs. Outcrop belt of Lahn Basin trends SW-NE.
• "Massenkalk" and "Riffkalk"

Primary reference: D. Heidelberger. 2001. Mitteldevonische (Givetische) Gastropoden (Mollusca) aus der Lahnmulde (suedliches Rheinisches Schiefergebirge). Geologische Abhandlungen Hessen 106:1-291 [M. Foote/M. Foote/M. Foote]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 38361: authorized by Michael Foote, entered by Michael Foote on 20.04.2004

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Only gastropods reported.
 Neritoina - Neritopsidae
Paffrathopsis subcostata Dechen 1832 snail
 Euomphalina - Euomphalidae
"Straparollus laevis" = Philoxene laevis
"Straparollus laevis" = Philoxene laevis d’Archiac and de Verneuil 1842 snail
 Euomphalina - Pseudophoridae
Astralites muelleri n. sp. Heidelberger 2001 snail
Astralites sublimbatus d'Orbigny 1850 snail
 Euomphalina - Microdomatidae
Limburgia lindensis Heidelberger 2001 snail
 Euomphalina - Platyceratidae
Paffrathia lotzi Frýda 1998 snail
 Bellerophontida - Bellerophontidae
"Bellerophon (Bellerophon) lineatus" = Bellerophon lineatus
"Bellerophon (Bellerophon) lineatus" = Bellerophon lineatus Dechen 1832 snail
 Murchisoniina - Gosseletinidae
Euryzone delphinuloides von Schlotheim 1820 snail
 Murchisoniina - Murchisoniidae
Murchisonia margaritata, "Murchisonia pseudobinodosa" = Wuxuanella pseudobinodosa
Murchisonia margaritata Lotz 1900 snail
"Murchisonia pseudobinodosa" = Wuxuanella pseudobinodosa Heidelberger 2001 snail
 Murchisoniina - Soleniscidae
"Macrochilina schlotheimi" = Bensbergia schlotheimi, "Macrochilina arculata" = Bensbergia arculata
"Macrochilina schlotheimi" = Bensbergia schlotheimi d’Archiac and de Verneuil 1842 snail
"Macrochilina arculata" = Bensbergia arculata von Schlotheim 1820 snail
 Turbinoidea - Turbinidae
Antirotella helicinaeformis von Schlotheim 1820 snail
 Pleurotomariida - Pleurotomariidae
"Pleurotomaria" roemeri Koken 1889 snail