West Quarry, Mokra, Czech Rep., collection from quadrat I1, bed -2 (Devonian of Czech Republic)

Where: Moravia, Czech Republic (49.2° N, 16.8° E: paleocoordinates 20.9° S, 29.4° E)

• coordinate based on political unit

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Macocha Formation, Frasnian (382.7 - 372.2 Ma)

• This is quadrant 1, from bed -2, and stratigraphic interval I.

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: reef, buildup or bioherm; shelly/skeletal, argillaceous grainstone

• 'shallow carbonate ramp with abundant reef dwelling fauna...have the character of reef banks.'

•'northern margin of Devonian back-arc or related basins'

• "laminated limestone built of alternating biosparite laminae, with fragments of Amphipora stems and ostracods, and laminae of originally clastic micrite. Laminae often wedge out laterally."

Size classes: mesofossils, microfossils

Collection methods: '4 meter squared quadrants were reconstructed from paleo-sea floor fragments.'

Primary reference: P. Cejchan and J. Hladil. 1996. Searching for extinction/recovery gradients: the Frasnian-Fammennian interval, Mokra section, Moravia, central Europe. in M. B. Hart, ed. Biotic Recovery from Mass Extinction Events (Geological Society of London Special Publication) 120:135-162 [A. Miller/J. Sessa/J. Sessa]more details

Purpose of describing collection: paleoecologic analysis

PaleoDB collection 39161: authorized by Arnold Miller, entered by Jocelyn Sessa on 22.05.2004

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• 'Abundance is the number of individuals for solitary organisms or the number of colonies for clonal organisms.'

•Paper also gives occupied area for each taxon, and estimates skeletal mass produced per year and biomass produced per year -- I have reported abundance values.

Cyanobacteria indet.
Cyanobacteria sp. 1
 Nodosinellacea - Earlandinitidae
 Fusulinina - Colaniellidae
 Podocopa -
Podocopa indet. Sars 1865 ostracod
Polychaeta indet. Grube 1850
Polychaeta sp. 2
Gastropoda indet. Cuvier 1797 snail
Gastropoda sp. 1
 Amphiporida - Amphiporidae
Amphipora indet. Schulz 1883