I. mongolensis-Leptostrophia(Leptostrophiella) filosa-Striispirifer borisi Comm. (Silurian of Mongolia)

Also known as Isorthis mongolensis-Leptostrophia (Leptostrophiella) filosa-Striispirifer borisi Community

Where: Mongolia (48.0° N, 91.5° E: paleocoordinates 37.1° N, 13.2° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• local area-level geographic resolution

When: Ludlow (427.4 - 423.0 Ma)

• Lower Ludlow.

Environment/lithology: marine; gray, green, calcareous sandstone and siltstone

• "The fine terrigenous sediment...far from shoreline suggests...quiet...shallow water coastal basin...BA3."
• "Occurs in greenish-gray, fine and medium-grained sandstone, with some interbeds of quartzitic siltstone and claystone containing subordinate lenses (up to 20cm thick) of brown, calcareous sandstone coquinas. The brachiopods occur chiefly on fine- and medium-grained sandstone bedding planes, and in coquina lenses of interbedded calcareous sandstone. The brachiopods occur both articulated and disarticulated..."

Size class: macrofossils

Primary reference: K.H. S. Rozman. 1999. Silurian brachiopod communities of Mongolia. in A. J. Boucot and J. D. Lawson, eds., Paleocommunities - a case study from the Silurian and Lower Devonian 164-176 [M. Foote/C. Simpson]more details

Purpose of describing collection: paleoecologic analysis

PaleoDB collection 41062: authorized by Michael Foote, entered by Michael Foote on 06.07.2004

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Emphasis of reference is on brachiopods. Other elements occasionally mentioned as well.
 Dendrocrinida -
Dendrocrinacea indet. Wachsmuth and Springer 1886 Sea lily
 Monobathrida -
Melocrinitacea indet. d'Orbigny 1852 Sea lily
 Strophomenida - Leptostrophiidae
"Leptostrophia (Leptostrophiella) filosa" = Mesoleptostrophia filosa
"Leptostrophia (Leptostrophiella) filosa" = Mesoleptostrophia filosa Sowerby 1839
 Strophomenida - Amphistrophiidae
 Athyridida - Meristidae
 Athyridida - Nucleospiridae
Nucleospira sp. Hall 1859
 Spiriferida - Cyrtiidae
 Spiriferida - Delthyrididae
Howellella sp. Kozlowski 1946
 Atrypida - Anazygidae
 Rhynchonellida - Rhynchotrematidae
 Orthida - Dalmanellidae