PBDB Data Service

This is the base documentation page for the PBDB Data Service. There are currently two versions of the data service available:

version 1.1

This version of the data service is now obsolete. It will continue to be supported, but any new applications should be written to use version 1.2.

version 1.2

This is the stable version of the data service. It is now the preferred version for production applications. We may add new URL paths, parameters, and response fields from time to time, but existing ones will continue to work as they did before. You can view the change log which tracks changes to this data service across the different versions.


The function of this data service is to provide programmatic access to the information stored in the Paleobiology Database. Our goal is to make the entire database accessible by means of this service, so that anyone can write client software that interacts with it.


This service is provided by the Paleobiology Database, hosted by the Department of Geoscience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

If you have questions about this data service, or wish to report a bug, please contact the database administrator at admin@paleobiodb.org