PBDB Data Service 1.2 v2 > Geological strata


The URL paths documented in this section provide access to information about the geological strata represented in the Paleobiology Database. Note that this is only a limited subset of the known geological strata, representing only those from which fossil occurrences have been entered into this database.


The following URL paths are available:

Lists of geological strata

This operation returns information about geological strata selected by name, rank, and/or geographic location. For example:

Auto-completion for geological strata

This operation returns a list of geological strata from the database that match the given prefix or partial name. This can be used to implement auto-completion for strata names, and can be limited by geographic location if desired. For example:


This service is provided by the Paleobiology Database, hosted by the Department of Geoscience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

If you have questions about this data service, or wish to report a bug, please contact the database administrator at admin@paleobiodb.org