†family Pakisauridae Malkani 2003 (sauropod)

Reptilia - Saurischia - Pakisauridae

Full reference: M. S. Malkani. 2003. Discovery of partial skull and dentary of Titanosauria (sauropod dinosaur) from the Late Cretaceous Pab Formation of Vitakri area, Barkhan District, Balochistan, Pakistan. Geological Bulletin, University of Peshawar 36:65-71

Parent taxon: Titanosauria according to M. S. Malkani 2008

See also Malkani 2003, Malkani 2004, Malkani 2006, Malkani 2008 and Malkani 2008

Sister taxa: Adamantisaurus, Aegyptosaurus, Andesauridae, Andesauroidea, Andesaurus, Argyrosaurinae, Argyrosaurus, Baalsaurus, Balochisauridae, Barrosasaurus, Brasilotitan, Choconsaurus, Daxiatitan, Diamantinasaurus, Epachthosaurus, Eutitanosauria, Kaijutitan, Karongasaurus, Malakhelisaurus, Malarguesaurus, Mongolosaurus, Narambuenatitan, Petrobrasaurus, Rukwatitan, Ruyangosaurus, Savannasaurus, Titanopodus, Titanosauridae, Xianshanosaurus

Subtaxa: Khetranisaurus Pakisaurus Sulaimanisaurus

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Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore


• Cretaceous of Pakistan (5 collections)

Total: 5 collections including 8 occurrences

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