†family Rutiodontidae Long and Murry 1995 (archosaur)

Reptilia - Phytosauria - Rutiodontidae

Full reference: R. A. Long and P. A. Murry. 1995. Late Triassic (Carnian and Norian) tetrapods from the southwestern United States. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 4:1-254

Parent taxon: Parasuchia according to R. A. Long and P. A. Murry 1995

Sister taxa: Angistorhinopsis, Angistorhinopsis ruetimeyeri, Angistorhinus gracilis, Belodon, Belodon ingens, Belodon lepturus, Belodon plieningeri, Belodon scolopax, Belodon superciliosus, Belodon validus, Brachysuchus maleriensis, Centemodon, Centemodon sulcatus, Clepsysaurus, Clepsysaurus leai, Clepsysaurus pennsylvanicus, Clepsysaurus veatleianus, Coburgosuchus, Compsosaurus, Compsosaurus priscus, Diandongosuchus, Dicynodon rosmarus, Eurydorus, Eurydorus serridens, Francosuchus, Francosuchus broilii, Francosuchus latus, Heterodontichnites, Heterodontosuchus, Heterodontosuchus ganei, Leptosuchus imperfecta, Omosaurus, Omosaurus perplexus, Palaeoctonus, Palaeoctonus appalachianus, Palaeoctonus aulacodus, Palaeoctonus dumblianus, Palaeoctonus orthodon, Palaeosaurus, Palaeosaurus fraserianus, Palaeosaurus platyodon, Palaeosaurus stricklandi, Parasuchidae, Phytosaurus, Phytosaurus cubicodon, Phytosaurus cylindricodon, Promystriosuchus, Rhytidodon rostratus, Rileya bristolensis, Rutiodon manhattanensis, Suchoprion, Suchoprion cyphodon, Suchoprion sulcidens, Termatosaurus albertii, Mesorhinosuchidae, Mystriosuchidae, Pelycosimia, Apatopodidae

Subtaxa: Angistorhininae Rutiodontinae

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Ecology: carnivore

Distribution: there are no occurrences of Rutiodontidae in the database

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