87-CNA-SKUD-6 Kunga Island (Triassic of Canada)

Where: British Columbia, Canada (52.8° N, 131.6° W: paleocoordinates 0.2° S, 126.8° W)

• coordinate stated in text

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Sandilands Formation (Kunga Group), Rhaetian (208.5 - 201.3 Ma)

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: basinal (); lithified limestone and lithified siltstone

• 2x10 cm micrite concretion in thinly-bedded, hard siliceous siltstones

Size class: microfossils

Primary reference: E. Carter. 1993. Biochronology and paleontology of uppermost Triassic (Rhaetian) radiolarians, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada. Memoires de Geologie 11:1-175 [W. Kiessling/U. Merkel]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 94751: authorized by Wolfgang Kiessling, entered by Uta Merkel on 10.03.2010

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Nassellaria - Bagotidae
? Canutus beehivensis Carter 1993 radiolarian
? Canutus ingrahamensis Carter 1993 radiolarian
 Nassellaria - Deflandrecyrtiidae
Deflandrecyrtium "sp. B" Kozur and Mostler 1979 radiolarian
Deflandrecyrtium nobense Carter 1993 radiolarian
 Nassellaria - Nabolellidae
"? Squinabolella "sp. B"" = Nabolella, "Squinabolella "sp. C"" = Nabolella, "Squinabolella desrochersi n. sp." = Nabolella desrochersi, "? Squinabolella trispinosa" = Nabolella trispinosa
"? Squinabolella "sp. B"" = Nabolella Petrushevskaya 1981 radiolarian
"Squinabolella "sp. C"" = Nabolella Petrushevskaya 1981 radiolarian
"Squinabolella desrochersi n. sp." = Nabolella desrochersi Carter 1993 radiolarian
"? Squinabolella trispinosa" = Nabolella trispinosa Carter 1993 radiolarian
 Nassellaria - Parvicingulidae
Proparvicingula moniliformis Carter 1993 radiolarian
Canoptum "sp. A" Pessagno et al. 1979 radiolarian
Canoptum "sp. B" Pessagno et al. 1979 radiolarian
Canoptum aff. dixoni Pessagno and Whalen 1982 radiolarian
Canoptum cf. triassicum Yao 1982 radiolarian
 Entactinaria - Entactiniidae
Entactiniidae indet. Riedel 1967 radiolarian
? Entactinosphaera spinulata Carter 1993 radiolarian
 Entactinaria -
Kahlerosphaera "sp. A" Kozur and Mostler 1979 radiolarian
 Entactinaria - Eptingiidae
? Eptingium onesimos Carter 1993 radiolarian
Ferresium "sp. B" Blome 1984 radiolarian
Ferresium teekwoonense Carter 1993 radiolarian
 Entactinaria - Pentactinocarpidae
Pentactinocarpus cf. sevaticus Kozur and Mostler 1981 radiolarian
 Polycystina -
Spumellaria "indet. B" Ehrenberg 1875 radiolarian
 Spumellaria - Angulobracchiidae
? Paronaella beatricia Carter 1993 radiolarian
Paronaella ultrabifida Carter 1993 radiolarian
Paronaella bifida Carter 1993 radiolarian
Paronaella yaogusensis Carter 1993 radiolarian
Paronaella pacofiensis Carter 1993 radiolarian
Loupanus thompsoni Carter 1993 radiolarian
 Spumellaria - Relindellidae
? Pentaspongodiscus dihexacanthus Carter 1993 radiolarian
 Spumellaria - Hagiastridae
Crucella flowerpotensis n. sp. Carter 1993 radiolarian
Tetraporobrachia "sp. D" Kozur and Mostler 1979 radiolarian
 Spumellaria - Xiphostylidae
Archaeocenosphaera "sp. A" Pessagno et al. 1989 radiolarian
 Spumellaria -
Fontinella habros Carter 1993 radiolarian
Fontinella louisensis Carter 1993 radiolarian
Fontinella inflata Carter 1993 radiolarian
? Haliomma sewellense Carter 1993 radiolarian
Paratriassoastrum "sp. A" Kozur and Mostler 1981 radiolarian
 Spumellaria - Pantanelliidae
Betraccium "sp. C" Pessagno et al. 1979 radiolarian
Betraccium aff. inornatum Blome 1984 radiolarian
Cantalum "sp. A" Pessagno et al. 1979 radiolarian
Pantanellium aff. fosteri Pessagno and Blome 1980 radiolarian
Pantanellium aff. skidegatense Pessagno and Blome 1980 radiolarian
Pantanellium newkluense Carter 1993 radiolarian
 Spumellaria - Patulibracchiidae
"Triassocrucella aff. triassicum" = Triassocrucella triassica
"Triassocrucella aff. triassicum" = Triassocrucella triassica Kozur and Mostler 1978 radiolarian
 Spumellaria - Capnuchosphaeridae
Plafkerium "sp. A" Pessagno et al. 1979 radiolarian
Plafkerium gadoense Carter 1993 radiolarian