Sample 146, east slope of Lyunge Mountain, Hopen Island: Lacian, Svalbard and Jan Mayen
collected by M.V. Korchinskaya 1974

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Taxonomic list
Bivalvia - Ostreida - Halobiidae
Halobia sp. Bronn 1830
Halobia fallax Mojsisovics 1874
(1 measurement)
Halobia cf. fallax Mojsisovics 1874
Halobia cf. maximiliani Kittl 1912
(1 measurement)
Halobia cf. obruchevi Kiparisova 1937
Halobia aotii Kobayashi and Ichikawa 1949
(2 measurements)
Cephalopoda - Ceratitida - Trachyceratidae
Argosirenites cf. obrucevi (Bajarunas 1932)
recombined as Pterosirenites obrucevi
forma nabeshi
Argosirenites nelgehensis (Arkhipov 1974)
recombined as Pterosirenites nelgehensis
(4 measurements)
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Country:Svalbard and Jan Mayen
Coordinates: 76.7° North, 25.4° East (view map)
Paleocoordinates:58.0° North, 5.4° West
Basis of coordinate:based on nearby landmark
Geographic resolution:outcrop
Period:Triassic Epoch:Late/Upper Triassic
Stage:Norian 10 m.y. bin:Triassic 4
Key time interval:Lacian Ammonoid zone: kerri
Age range of interval:227.00000 - 216.70000 m.y. ago
Formation:De Geerdalen
Stratigraphic resolution:bed
Stratigraphy comments: Also correlated with Pinacoceras verchojanicum and Guembelites jandianus zones
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology:concretionary,sideritic lithified "siliciclastic"
Environment:marine indet.
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Collection methods and comments
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Collectors:M.V. Korchinskaya Collection dates:1974
Database number:151217
Authorizer:M. Clapham Enterer:M. Clapham
Modifier:M. Clapham Research group:marine invertebrate
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Primary reference:

48258. M. V. Korchinskaya. 1980. Rannenoriiskaya fauna arkhipelaga Sval'bard. In D.V. Semevskiy (ed.), Geologiya Osadochnogo Chekhla Arkhipelaga Sval'bard 30-43 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham]