Juruá River: Late/Upper Miocene, Brazil

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Taxonomic list
Gyriabrinae indet. Kraglievich 1930
Kerber 2017
Eumysominae indet.
Kerber 2017
Mammalia - Sirenia - Trichechidae
Trichechus sp. Linnaeus 1758
Paula Couto 1956 1 specimen
precise locality information is lacking
Mammalia - Rodentia - Dinomyidae
Potamarchus sigmodon
Kerber 2017
Potamarchus murinus Burmeister 1885
Kerber 2017
Potamarchus adamiae Kerber et al. 2016
Kerber 2017
Eumegamys paranaensis
Kerber 2017
Tetrastylus sp. Ameghino 1886
Kerber 2017
cf. Gyriabrus sp. Ameghino 1891
Kerber 2017
Telicomys amazonensis Frailey 1986
Kerber 2017
Simplimus sp. Ameghino 1904
Kerber 2017
cf. Scleromys colombianus Fields 1957
Kerber 2017
Scleromys cf. colombianus Fields 1957
Kerber 2017
Mammalia - Rodentia - Neoepiblemidae
Neoepiblemidae indet. Kraglievich 1926
Kerber 2017
Phoberomys sp. Kraglievich 1926
Kerber 2017
cf. Phoberomys sp. Kraglievich 1926
Kerber 2017
Mammalia - Rodentia - Hydrochoeridae
Hydrochoeridae indet. Gill 1872
Kerber 2017
Mammalia - Rodentia - Agoutidae
Kerber 2017
Mammalia - Rodentia - Dasyproctidae
Dasyproctidae indet. Gray 1825
Kerber 2017
Mammalia - Rodentia
cf. Eobranisamys sp. Frailey and Campbell 2004
Kerber 2017
Mammalia - Rodentia - Erethizontidae
Erethizontidae indet. Bonaparte 1845
Kerber 2017
Mammalia - Rodentia - Echimyidae
Phyllomys sp. Lund 1839
Kerber 2017
Cetacea - Cetacea
Zeuglodon sp. Owen 1839
1 specimen
    = Cetacea indet. Brisson 1762
Uhen 2500
Specimen has never been figured, and is missing (Bergqvist et al. (1999).
Mammalia - Cetacea - Iniidae
Plicodontinia mourai n. gen., n. sp. Miranda-Ribeiro 1938
1 specimen
nomen dubium belonging to Iniidae
Mourasuchus amazonensis n. gen., n. sp. Price 1964
Cidade et al. 2019
DGM-526-R - holotype - nearly complete skull with associated left hemimandible
see common names

Coordinates: 7.7° South, 72.5° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:8.0° South, 70.8° West
Basis of coordinate:estimated from map
Geographic resolution:outcrop
Period:Neogene Epoch:Miocene
10 m.y. bin:Cenozoic 6
Key time interval:Late/Upper Miocene
Age range of interval:11.63000 - 5.33300 m.y. ago
Stratigraphic resolution:formation
Stratigraphy comments: The outcrops along the Jurua River belong to the Solimoes Formation, considered to be of Mio-Pliocene age on the basis of pollen, vertebrates and invertebrates (Bergqvist et al. 1999).
Lithology and environment
Primary lithology: not reported
Environment:fluvial-lacustrine indet.
Geology comments: This formation is a fluvio-lacustrine deposit (Bergqvist et al., 1999).
Modes of preservation:body
Size of fossils:macrofossils
Collection methods and comments
Reason for describing collection:taxonomic analysis
Also known as:Jurua River, Río Juruá
Database number:57989
Authorizer:M. Uhen, P. Mannion Enterer:M. Uhen, G. Varnham, P. Mannion
Modifier:G. Varnham Research group:vertebrate
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Access level:the public Released:2006-01-12 14:52:49
Creative Commons license:CC BY
Reference information

Primary reference:

15593. A. Miranda-Ribeiro. 1938. Plicodontinia mourai. Livro Jubilar do Professor Lauro Travassos 319-321 [M. Uhen/M. Uhen]

Secondary references:

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