Armagh (Carboniferous of the United Kingdom)

Where: United Kingdom (54.3° N, 6.7° W: paleocoordinates 6.9° S, 2.2° W)

When: Mississippian (358.9 - 323.2 Ma)

Environment/lithology: marine; limestone

Size class: macrofossils

Collection methods: Repository: Geological Museum of the University of Cambridge (Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences)

Primary reference: F. M'Coy. 1855. A synopsis of the classification of the British Palaeozoic rocks, with a systematic description of the British Palaeozoic fossils.Fasciculus 3, Mollusca and Palaeozoic fishes. British Palaeozoic Fossils, Part II. Palaeontology 407-666 [G. Webster/G. Webster]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 132781: authorized by Matthew Clapham, entered by Priscilla Vazquez on 27.08.2012

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Ctenacanthiformes - Ctenacanthidae
"Ctenacanthus heterogyrus" = Eunemacanthus heterogyrus, Ctenacanthus crenatus, "Ctenacanthus distans" = Acondylacanthus distans, "Cladodus laevis" = Cladodus marginatus, Cladodus mirabilis
"Ctenacanthus heterogyrus" = Eunemacanthus heterogyrus McCoy 1855 elasmobranch
Ctenacanthus crenatus McCoy 1855 elasmobranch
"Ctenacanthus distans" = Acondylacanthus distans M'Coy 1848 elasmobranch
"Cladodus laevis" = Cladodus marginatus Agassiz 1843 elasmobranch
Cladodus mirabilis Agassiz 1843 elasmobranch
 Ctenacanthiformes -
Asteroptychius ornatus Agassiz 1843 elasmobranch
Asteroptychius semiornatus M'Coy 1848 elasmobranch
"Cladodus striatus" = Saivodus striatus Agassiz 1843 elasmobranch
 Cochliodontiformes - Cochliodontidae
"Poecilodus sublaevis" = Deltodus sublaevis Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Poecilodus jonesii Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Poecilodus oliquus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Poecilodus parallelus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Cochliodus acutus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Cochliodus contortus Agassiz 1838 chimaera
"Cochliodus oblongus" = Streblodus oblongus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Erismacanthus jonesii M'Coy 1848 chimaera
 Cochliodontiformes - Psephodontidae
"Cochliodus magnus" = Psephodus magnus
"Cochliodus magnus" = Psephodus magnus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
 Chondrenchelyiformes - Chondrenchelyidae
"Cochliodus striatus" = Platyxystrodus striatus
"Cochliodus striatus" = Platyxystrodus striatus M'Coy 1855 chimaera
 Psammodontiformes - Psammodontidae
Psammodus cornutus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Psammodus rugosus Agassiz 1838 chimaera
Psammodus canaliculatus M'Coy 1848 chimaera
Physonemus arcuatus McCoy 1848 chimaera
Physonemus subteres Agassiz 1843 chimaera
 Petalodontiformes - Petalodontidae
Petalodus sagittatus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
"Chomatodus (Helodus) linearis" = Petalodus linearis Agassiz 1838 chimaera
Petalodus hastingsii Owen 1840 chimaera
Polyrhizodus pusillus M'Coy 1848 chimaera
Polyrhizodus magnus M'Coy 1848 chimaera
Chomatodus (Helodus) oliquus M'Coy 1848 chimaera
Chomatodus (Petalodus) truncatus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Glossodus marginatus M'Coy 1848 chimaera
 Petalodontiformes - Janassidae
"Chomatodus clavatus" = Janassa clavatus
"Chomatodus clavatus" = Janassa clavatus M'Coy 1848 chimaera
 Petalodontiformes - Pristodontidae
"Petalodus psittacinus" = Petalorhynchus psittacinus
"Petalodus psittacinus" = Petalorhynchus psittacinus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
 Petalodontiformes - Belantseidae
Ctenoptychius serratus Owen 1840 chimaera
Ctenoptychius apicalis Agassiz 1838 chimaera
 Helodontiformes - Helodontidae
Helodus didymus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Helodus rudis M'Coy 1848 chimaera
Helodus turgidus Agassiz 1838 chimaera
Helodus mammillaris Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Helodus planus Agassiz 1843 chimaera
Oracanthus milleri Agassiz 1843 spiny fish
Homacanthus microdus M'Coy 1848 spiny fish
Homacanthus macrodus M'Coy 1848 spiny fish
 Antiarcha - Asterolepididae
Asterolepis verrucosa M'Coy 1848 armour-plated fish
 Arthrodira - Coccosteidae
Coccosteus ? carbonarius M'Coy 1848 armour-plated fish