Baicaigou, Toutai (Cretaceous of China)

Also known as Jonzhou, Baitaigou

Where: Liaoning, China (41.1° N, 121.1° E: paleocoordinates 44.0° N, 122.7° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Dakangpu Member (Yixian Formation), Early/Lower Aptian (125.5 - 122.5 Ma)

• middle part of formation, originally assigned to Yixian Fm., comparable to Dawangzhangzi Bed. "middle part" of formaiton

•pterosaur specimen is preserved "in a single bedding plane"

•Chang et al. (2009) provide a Ar/Ar date of 122.1 Ma for the base of the Jiufutang. The age of the top of the formation is uncertain.

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: lacustrine; tuffaceous shale and mudstone

• from a "tuffaceous" horizon: lithified based on matrix surrounding figured specimen (pterosaur)

Size class: macrofossils

Preservation: adpression

Collected in 1999-2004; reposited in the IVPP

Collection methods: surface (in situ), mechanical,

• pterosaur was "collected in 1999 by a local farmer and then directly acquired by the NGMC"

Primary reference: X. Wang and X. Xu. 2001. A new iguanodontid (Jinzhousaurus yangi gen. et sp. nov.) from the Yixian Formaton of western Liaoning, China. Chinese Science Bulletin 46(19):1669-1672 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 67611: authorized by Matthew Carrano, entered by Matthew Carrano on 27.11.2006, edited by Roger Benson

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Teleostei -
Jinanichthys sp.6 Ma and Sun 1988
Longdeichthys sp.6 Liu 1982
 Halecomorphi - Sinamiidae
Jixiangornis orientalis6 Ji et al. 2002 bird
Shenzhouraptor sinensis n. gen. n. sp.4 Ji et al. 2002 bird
LPM 193
 Pygostylia -
"Didactylornis jii n. gen. n. sp." = Sapeornis chaoyangensis6
"Didactylornis jii n. gen. n. sp." = Sapeornis chaoyangensis6 Zhou and Zhang 2002 bird
 Enantiornithes -
Enantiornithes indet. Walker 1981 bird
 Avetheropoda - Dromaeosauridae
Sinornithosaurus haoiana n. sp.5 Liu et al. 2004 coelurosaur
 Neornithischia - Iguanodontidae
Jinzhousaurus yangi n. gen. n. sp.
Jinzhousaurus yangi n. gen. n. sp. Wang and Xu 2001 iguanodontid
IVPP V12691
 Pterosauria -
Pterodactyloidea indet. Plieninger 1901 pterosaur
Istiodactylus sinensis n. sp.1 Andres and Ji 2006 pterosaur
NGMC 99-07-011, relatively complete skeleton
 Choristodera -
Monjurosuchus splendens3 Endo 1940 choristodere
Hyphalosaurus baitaigouensis n. sp.2 Ji et al. 2004 choristodere
CAGS-IG-03-7-02 (holotype partial skeleton), PKUP V1056-1058, BMNHC V014- 053, LPMC R-00052, LPMC R-00065-00066, and many unnumbered specimens in BMNHC, IVPP, LPMC and PKUP collections; Additional remains discussed by Hou et al. (2010) comprise LPM-R169 (egg, containing an embryo) and LPM-R168 (egg associated with a partially hatched neonate); Ji et al. (2010) suggested the presence of viviparity in an additional specimen (CAGS-IG-06131)
Hyphalosaurus baitaigouensis6 Ji et al. 2004 choristodere