Jukoupu reef in Xinshao, Hunan (Devonian of China)

Also known as Reef 943

Where: Hunan, China (27.4° N, 111.3° E: paleocoordinates 3.6° S, 115.1° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Qiziqiao Formation, Givetian (387.7 - 382.7 Ma)

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: reef, buildup or bioherm; limestone

Size class: macrofossils

Primary reference: Y. Song, Y. Zhang, and J. Liu. 1994. Community ecology of middle Devonian (Qiziqiao Time) organic Reef from Jukoupu, Xinshao, Hunan. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica 33(6):739-755 [W. Kiessling/F. Reichel]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 80272: authorized by Wolfgang Kiessling, entered by Falko Reichel on 10.04.2008, edited by Wolfgang Kiessling

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• not in list: nautiloids, ammonoids, crinoids, echinoids, gastropods, ostracods,
 Murchisoniina - Murchisoniidae
Murchisonia sp. d'Archiac and de Verneuil 1841 snail
 Cystoporida - Fistuliporidae
Fistulipora sp. McCoy 1850
listed as Fistcclipora sp.
 Terebratulida - Stringocephalidae
 Atrypida - Atrypidae
Atrypa sp. Dalman 1828
 Auloporida - Syringoporidae
 Favositida - Favositidae
Mesolites sp. Mironova 1969 tabulate coral
Striatoporella sp. Rukhin 1938 tabulate coral
Rudakites sp. Leleshus 1964 tabulate coral
 Favositida - Agetolitidae
Somphopora daedakea tabulate coral
 Favositida - Pachyporidae
Thamnopora compacta tabulate coral
 Favositida - Alveolitidae
Squameoalveolites sp. Mironova 1969 tabulate coral
Caliapora battersbyi tabulate coral
Kitakamiia mirabilis tabulate coral
Alveolites fecendes tabulate coral
Alveolites tischnoffi tabulate coral
 Favositida - Coenitidae
Planocoenites sp. Sokolov 1952 tabulate coral
 Heliolitida - Heliolitidae
Heliolites porosus Goldfuss 1826 tabulate coral
 Cystiphyllida - Cystiphyllidae
"Lythophyllum grandis" = Cystiphylloides (Lythophyllum)
"Lythophyllum grandis" = Cystiphylloides (Lythophyllum) horn coral
 Stauriida - Disphyllidae
Disphyllum sp. Fromentel 1861 horn coral
Temnophyllum sp. Walther 1928 horn coral
 Chaetetida - Chaetetidae
Chaetetes sp. Fischer von Waldheim 1829 demosponge
Stromatopora porosa
"Stromatopora porosa" = Stromatofungia porosa
"Stromatopora porosa" = Stromatofungia porosa Klipstein 1843
 Stromatoporida - Syringostromellidae
 Stromatoporida - Stromatoporidae
 Stromatoporida - Ferestromatoporidae
 Actinostromatida - Actinostromatidae
 Amphiporida - Amphiporidae
 Syringostromatida - Stachyoditidae
 Syringostromatida - Syringostromatidae
 Stromatoporellida - Stromatoporellidae
 Stromatoporellida - Trupetostromatidae
 Clathrodictyida - Tienodictyidae
 Clathrodictyida - Gerronostromatidae
"Gerronostroma tenuilaminae" = Gerronostroma, "Clathrostroma liujingense" = Gerronostroma, "Clathrostroma cf. bifarium" = Gerronostroma
"Gerronostroma tenuilaminae" = Gerronostroma
"Clathrostroma liujingense" = Gerronostroma
"Clathrostroma cf. bifarium" = Gerronostroma
 Bryopsidales - Pseudoudoteaceae
Garwoodia sp. Wood 1941
 Caulerpales - Halimedaceae
Cayeuxia sp. Frollo 1938