†class Somasteroidea Spencer 1951


Alternative spelling: Somasteroida

Full reference: W. K. Spencer. 1951. Early Palaeozoic starfish. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, series B 235(B623):87-129

Parent taxon: Asterozoa according to D. B. Blake 2013

See also Blake 1989, Blake 2018, Blake and Guensburg 1993, Dean Shackleton 2005, Owen 1965, Sepkoski 2002, Spencer 1951 and Spencer and Wright 1966

Sister taxa: Asteroidea, Eopentaroida, Ophiuroidea, Phragmactinidae, Stenuroidea, Auluroidea

Subtaxa: Archegonaster Archegonasteridae Catervaparmaster Chinianasteridae Goniactinida Hadrosida

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