†subfamily Spalacolestinae Cifelli and Madsen 1999 (mammal)

Mammalia - Theriamorpha - Spalacotheriidae

Full reference: R. L. Cifelli and S. K. Madsen. 1999. Spalacotheriid symmetrodonts (Mammalia) from the medial Cretaceous (upper Albian or lower Cenomanian) Mussentuchit local fauna, Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah, USA. Geodiversitas 21(2):167-214

Parent taxon: Spalacotheriidae according to G. Han and J. Meng 2016

See also Averianov 2002, Cifelli and Madsen 1999, Cuenca-Bescos et al. 2014 and Kielan-Jaworowska et al. 2004

Sister taxa: Akidolestes, Cifellitherium, Infernolestes, Peralestes, Spalacotherium, Symmetrolestes

Subtaxa: Aliaga Heishanlestes Lactodens Shalbaatar Spalacolestes Spalacotheridium Spalacotheroides Symmetrodontoides Yaverlestes

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Ecology: scansorial insectivore


• Cretaceous of Canada (2: Alberta collections), China (2), Spain (1), the United Kingdom (3), United States (22: Arkansas, Montana, Texas, Utah), Uzbekistan (2)

Total: 32 collections including 41 occurrences

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