Cancellaria (Merica) Adams and Adams 1854 (snail)

Gastropoda - Neogastropoda - Cancellariidae

Alternative spelling: Merica

Parent taxon: Cancellaria according to A. J. W. Hendy 2007

See also Ladd 1982, Sepkoski 2002 and Vredenburg 1921

Sister taxa: Cancellaria (Barkeria), Cancellaria (Bivetia), Cancellaria (Bivetopsis), Cancellaria (Cancellaria), Cancellaria (Crawfordina), Cancellaria (Kroisbachia), Cancellaria (Olivia), Cancellaria (Ovilia), Cancellaria (Progabbi), Cancellaria (Progabbia), Cancellaria acalypta, Cancellaria africana, Cancellaria alternata, Cancellaria amoena, Cancellaria andersoni, Cancellaria angelana, Cancellaria anomoia, Cancellaria apimela, Cancellaria arnoldi, Cancellaria axelolssoni, Cancellaria badrii, Cancellaria bajaensis, Cancellaria birchi, Cancellaria birmanica, Cancellaria bournei, Cancellaria bradleyi, Cancellaria buccinoides, Cancellaria carinata, Cancellaria cerithea, Cancellaria conradiana, Cancellaria coronata, Cancellaria cossmanni, Cancellaria costellifera, Cancellaria costulata, Cancellaria crassa, Cancellaria crassistriata, Cancellaria crossletensis, Cancellaria darwini, Cancellaria depressa, Cancellaria elodiae, Cancellaria fergusoni, Cancellaria fugleri, Cancellaria funerata, Cancellaria galei, Cancellaria hamlini, Cancellaria harpiformis, Cancellaria harzhauseri, Cancellaria hemphilli, Cancellaria hodsonae, Cancellaria imbricata, Cancellaria irelaniana, Cancellaria isabelae, Cancellaria jacksonica, Cancellaria jakobseni, Cancellaria keenae, Cancellaria landesi, Cancellaria lavellana, Cancellaria leonensis, Cancellaria macnairyensis, Cancellaria marysvillensis, Cancellaria medinae, Cancellaria mississippiensis, Cancellaria mixta, Cancellaria moharrami, Cancellaria multiplicis, Cancellaria nancellaria, Cancellaria nassariformis, Cancellaria newhallensis, Cancellaria oldroydia, Cancellaria oregonensis, Cancellaria pabloensis, Cancellaria pacifica, Cancellaria paleocenica, Cancellaria palmeri, Cancellaria pearlensis, Cancellaria perrini, Cancellaria petiti, Cancellaria pilula, Cancellaria plagiostoma, Cancellaria quadrata, Cancellaria reticulata, Cancellaria reyesi, Cancellaria richardpetiti, Cancellaria rotunda, Cancellaria rudolphi, Cancellaria sanctaemariae, Cancellaria sathra, Cancellaria siletzensis, Cancellaria simiana, Cancellaria simplex, Cancellaria sobrantensis, Cancellaria soriensis, Cancellaria spellenbergi, Cancellaria stri, Cancellaria subangulosa, Cancellaria subtuberosa, Cancellaria tabulata, Cancellaria tapeina, Cancellaria tortiplica, Cancellaria turneri, Cancellaria vespertina, Cancellaria vetusta, Cancellaria vidali, Cancellaria volutella, Cancellaria washingtonensis, Cancellaria wynoochensis, Cancellaria yolandia

Subtaxa: Merica promensis Merica pseudocancellata

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Ecology: epifaunal carnivore


• Quaternary of Japan (1 collection), New Zealand (1), Vanuatu (1)

• Pliocene of India (1), Indonesia (2)

• Miocene of Germany (16), Indonesia (1), Myanmar (1), the Netherlands (2), New Zealand (3), Poland (1)

• Oligocene of Denmark (3), Myanmar (1)

• Eocene of Indonesia (2)

• Paleocene of Greenland (1)

Total: 37 collections including 42 occurrences

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