Ancillina iwaensis MacNeil 1960 (olive snail)

Gastropoda - Neogastropoda - Olividae

Full reference: F. S. MacNeil. 1960. Tertiary and Quaternary Gastropoda of Okinawa: A comparison of the late Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene Gastropoda of Okinawa with related faunas of East Asia together with a resume of the geological setting of the fossiliferous deposits. United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 339:1-148

Belongs to Ancillina according to F. S. MacNeil 1960

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: USNM 562717, a shell

Ecology: epifaunal carnivore

Distribution: there are no occurrences of Ancillina iwaensis in the database

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