Chlorostoma (Omphalius) Philippi 1847 (top snail)

Gastropoda - Trochoidea - Trochidae

Alternative spellings: Omphalia, Omphalius, Tegula (Omphalius)

Parent taxon: Chlorostoma according to J. R. Gardner 1947

See also Addicott 1970, Cleevely and Morris 1988 and Sepkoski 2002

Sister taxa: Chlorostoma argyrostoma, Chlorostoma atrum, Chlorostoma austropacifica, Chlorostoma chilena, Chlorostoma costaricensis, Chlorostoma euryomphalum, Chlorostoma ignota, Chlorostoma luctuosum, Chlorostoma matanzensis, Chlorostoma nautiloides, Chlorostoma quipua, Tegula (Chlorastoma) danvillensis, Tegula (Chlorostoma) gallina, Tegula (Chlorostoma) nashi, Tegula (Chlorostoma) pulcella

Subtaxa: Chlorostoma (Omphalius) dalli Tegula (Omphalius) laevis

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Ecology: epifaunal grazer


• Quaternary of Japan (1 collection)

• Pliocene of Jamaica (1), Japan (1), United States (4: Florida)

• Miocene of United States (8: Florida, Georgia)

• Eocene of Mexico (1)

Total: 16 collections each including a single occurrence

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